Bill Clinton is a ‘Whorehopper’ and Hillary’s of the Devil, Caller Tells Starnes

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TODD: Doris is from Gainesville, Georgia. Okay, Doris, what’s on your mind?

CALLER: [01:50:42] I just I told the girl that answered the phone maybe Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton will be in prison at the same time, but not together. But they need to get on with the show about Bill Clinton, too, molesting all of those teenage girls (ALLEGEDLY) and that you don’t even hear nothing about it now. And he’s always been a excuse the language, a whorehopper. And he was governor in a state they used to block the park he would go to while he went in there and had his rendezvous with women. It’s you know that. Yeah, he’s always been that way. I knew it.

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TODD: [01:51:26] I knew he was a womanizer. But you called him a whorehopper. Is that what you called him?

CALLER: [01:51:31] Yeah, that’s what he is.

TODD: [01:51:32] I’ve never heard that term before.

CALLER: [01:51:34] Oh yeah. Out here hopping around everywhere. Oh, well, that doesn’t have any use for either one. Hillary Clinton called the Republicans deplorable. Do you remember that?


TODD: [01:51:45] Oh, I wrote a book about that. A basket of deplorables. Irredeemable deplorables.

CALLER: [01:51:49] Yeah, hadn’t got a heart at all. They both of the Devil I truly believe, and Obama is running the White House now. He’s telling Biden what to do, and he started all this in down in Iran. He started all that bums and all that, and they even gave him some property down there getting some cash. And now he’s back in the White House and they start it back up.

TODD: [01:52:20] Well, I’m with you. Doris, I think that if there really is justice in America, that both Hillary and Bill would be behind bars and let’s just see how this plays out. This Epstein story? And that’s what you’re talking about, is the Jeffrey Epstein story where Bill Clinton traveled around, hung around pal around with Epstein and and all of these underage models. There’s all sorts of debauchery going on, and here’s my take on that real quick. If he was if he was bold enough to do what he did to Monica Lewinsky and the Oval Office, then I believe he is capable of doing what has been alleged on that airplane and the private island.

CALLER: [01:53:04] I would watch him around his own daughter.. I wouldn’t be surprised with it. He’s just scum.

TODD: [01:53:12] Doris, you sound like you’re a good churchgoing lady.

CALLER: [01:53:16] I go to church and I’ve I’ve been saved and I know I’m going to heaven, and I hope everybody’s getting ready to go to house. It’s not going to be long. That’s true at this point too. Yes, indeed. All right. Don’t hear nobody talking about Jesus or Heaven. You have a good day.

TODD: [01:54:33] All right. Well, there you go. Whorehopper. That must be a Georgia word. But I could tell she was a churchgoing lady.

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