Black Lt. Gov. Faces Leftist, Pro-LGBT Lynch Mob

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North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson (R) told Todd Starnes he won’t back down from the Leftist, LGBT mob demanding he resign for calling out “filth” being taught to children in schools.

Robinson came under fire for speaking out against teaching transgenderism, homosexuality, CRT and pedophilia to kids. A clip of him speaking at a Baptist church in June has gone viral as they try to out him but he isn’t going anywhere.

“This stuff should not exist in schools, in any form,” Robinson told the Todd Starnes Show Monday. “And anyone who thinks that it does, I’m very, very suspicious of you because this is not what we should be teaching our children.”

Starnes pointed out the hatred toward Robinson was taken out of context and based on a “flat-out lie.”


The following is a rush transcript of an interview with North Carolina LtGovMark Robinson on the Todd Starnes ShowClick here to listen to the full interview.

STARNES: Now there is a there is mainstream media hysteria over the lieutenant governor of North Carolina, a man who I happen to know have had multiple conversations with. We’ve been on the platform together as speakers. He is a good and decent Christian man. He is the lieutenant governor of North Carolina now. He recently, and I don’t know how this was back in June. I think he was speaking at a Baptist church and someone got a hold of a portion of the message. And they’re very upset. The rampaging mob of sex and gender revolutionaries are now coming after the lieutenant governor and demanding that he resign. I want to play for you a clip of what the lieutenant governor said. Got number seven, please.

ROBINSON: I’m saying this now and I’ve been saying it, and I don’t care what those issues have no place for the school. There’s no reason anybody, anywhere in America should be telling any child about transgenderism, homosexuality, any of that filth. And yes, I called it filth. And if you don’t like it, that I call it filth, come see me and I’ll explain it to you.

STARNES: I have no idea why people are upset about this. I really don’t. Right. We watch says that the the lieutenant governor said Christians must take control of public schools because children are being abused by being taught filth. Well, that’s absolutely correct. They are. So I want to go to the Patriot mobile newsmaker line, and we are honored to have the lieutenant governor of North Carolina, Mark Robinson with us. Mark, good to have you on the show today.

ROBINSON: Todd, can you hear me?

STARNES: Mark, you’re coming out loud and clear over here. Mark, a lot of people are saying that you should resign. Will you resign from office?

ROBINSON: I’ll tell them like that general told the German general in World War Two nuts at the Battle of the Bulge nut. I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to stand firm on this issue. We were serious about it when we took the issue up. We’re even more serious about it now because what these folks have done, they have once again poked the bear. They have once again awakened more sleeping giants. They have brought this issue to light for people who did not previously know about it. We are now showing the pictures of the stuff that is being presented to these children in schools. We will not stop. We will not relent. They can bully us all they want to, but their attempts are not going to work because I firmly believe more North Carolinians, more Americans believe in what we are saying than what the other side is saying, and we’re going to keep pushing forward.

STARNES: And Mark, I just, you know, and again, I look, I know you, I know your heart, I know where you come from and you’re a good man and they’re trying to convince people that you’re out there saying that gay people are filthy people. That’s not what you said. You were talking about the lessons in the classroom. Is that correct?

ROBINSON: Absolutely. I’ve said this time and time again, America is not a theocracy. We have to give people the room to be who they want to be and how they want to identify themselves, even if we disagree with it personally, professionally, spiritually. It doesn’t matter whether or not we agree with. We have to give people their space to be what they want to be, what we are not going to allow on these topics to be forced on children in school or even really be for the children in schools. This place has no place in our schools, our libraries, our classrooms anywhere. And we’re going to fight like hell to make sure they get removed.

STARNES: Now, Mark, I’m curious, are there specific things that you were referring to or is this just in general terms? Had there been issues in North Carolina schools?

ROBINSON: At the time, I was referring to it in general terms, but if they want to get specific, we have already put out a video where we are bringing specific examples, including pictures, including pictures, and those pictures are waking people up. Folks who had no idea what was going on with this issue or seeing these pictures, and they are shocked and appalled, and I’m not sure we’re going to continue to present this information of people, and we’re going to expose this for exactly what it is.

STARNES: On the Patriot Mobile newsmaker line. The lieutenant governor of the state of North Carolina, Mark Robinson. Mark, you have come under attack from I mean, from day one. The left hates you. And I’m wondering, why is it that the left hates you?

ROBINSON: Well, number one, they hate me because I refuse to back down. That’s number one. Number two, but I’m going to just be honest with you. A lot of them hate me because I don’t fit the mold. I don’t fit the stereotype. I’m a black man who speaks his mind, who speaks of Christian principles, speaks about the greatness of this nation, touts conservative principles which build states, nations, and cities, and they don’t like it. And the main thing that they really despise about me is the fact that I put Jesus Christ in front of everything that I do when I stand firm on those principles. And so that’s why they hate me.

STARNES: You see, Mark, I’m with you here, and I think it’s the double whammy. You’re a black conservative and you’re a Christian man, and they can’t stand that because it goes against their preconceived notions and narratives.

ROBINSON: Absolutely. Absolutely it does. It flies in the face of everything that they say from CRT, which cannot explain my success all the way down to the fact that they think that all black people have to be liberal Democrats or vote for Liberal Democrats, which also flies in the face of my story.

STARNES: Mark, we understand that a group of pastors are going to be holding a press conference sometime today amid these growing calls for you to step down. Look, I hope you don’t. I hope your stand your ground here. What these people are doing is disgusting because you are not calling anybody filthy. You were calling the lessons they’re trying to shove down the throats of our kids. That’s what you were calling disgusting. And they know it. Shame on them for doing that.

ROBINSON: Absolutely. We’re not. We’re not going anywhere. We’re going to stand firm on what we’re what. We’re all on our belief. And you know, like I said, we have plenty of people behind us and the truth, like always will prevail. But we’re not we’re not worried about Italy. Those folks that are calling for us to resign are the top person. The very first person who brought this up is only doing to prop up a failed Senate campaign. That’s the only reason why he brought this issue up. He’s been trying to use my name from day one to prop up his campaign and highlight himself by using my name, so we’re not worried about him in the least bit. As far as any pastor who would stand up for the things that we are highlighting and showing in the video that we showed in all the indoctrination information that we all have presented so far. If they claim to be a pastor and stand up for those things, they are the ones that should be ashamed. And quite frankly, they are the ones who should resign from their homes.

STARNES: Yeah, I hear you on that. I’m curious what response you’ve been getting from folks there in North Carolina about this.

ROBINSON: Our response has been overwhelmingly positive, overwhelmingly positive. The negative response that we’ve been getting has been responses from people who didn’t vote for us anyway. So we expect to get negative responses from those folks. We expect to get negative responses from folks who are pushing these agendas. We expect that. But the overwhelming majority of both the absolute overwhelming majority of folks who are contacting us are contacting us in support of us. And not only that, they want to get involved so that they could make sure that this type of stuff is rooted out of their school system as well.

STARNES: Well, and again, Mark, this goes back to public schools. And how many in Virginia, your next door neighbors, they’re dealing with books promoting pedophilia in the in the public school libraries. I mean, this is some ugly stuff. Are you guys? This is what you’re talking about.

ROBINSON: Absolutely is in any form. This stuff should not exist in schools, in any form. And anyone who thinks that it does, I’m very, very suspicious of you because this is not what we should be teaching our children. Look, I taught in North Carolina. We spent almost half of our state entire state budget on education and just a school board meeting I was just at. The numbers are staggering on how how we are failing our children on a primary education level, which which is reading how many of our children are illiterate on a grade level. This cannot stand in a state where we spend half of our resources on education. We’re failing at the basic level, but we’re presenting them with this filth. And yes, anybody who looks at it and doesn’t call it filth. Again, I question them.

STARNES: I’m with you Mark, and so look, we’ve got your back here. You’re a look. You’re a bold man. We appreciate your great leadership in the state of North Carolina. Don’t get discouraged, man, because they’re going to come after you and they’ve come after us and you just have to just, you know, you got to fight back and that’s what you’re doing and you’re doing it the right way.

ROBINSON: Absolutely. The Bible says, don’t be weary in well doing and we are not because we are well built. We are fighting for the children in North Carolina. We’re fighting for what’s right.

STARNES: Love it. All right. Mark, you hang in there and you’ve got my contact info. Anything you need, you let us know.

ROBINSON: We will fight you, Todd.

STARNES: All right. That’s the North Carolina Lieutenant Governor, Mark Robinson ad man. You know, the racism that exists in the mainstream media. It’s beyond the pale. They are the things they do to black conservatives like Mark Robinson. I mean, you just go down the list. Alveda King, Allen West, Larry Elder. The racism comes out at these leftist, and these liberals are as racist as the day is long. They can’t stand it to see blacks succeeding and blacks in power. It’s unbelievable. But he is coming under attack right now from some pretty vile organizations that are completely distorting and taking out of context what he said. When I saw the headlines, I didn’t even need to know what, what, what the context of it was. I knew it was taken out of context. So here’s the deal. You got a lot of people, including gay religious leaders, which is an oxymoron. You’ve got gay religious leaders out there now calling for the government or the lieutenant governor to resign. Democrats calling for him to resign, blasting over these comments he made at this at this church house. They say that he called gay people filthy, and that is a lie. It’s a flat out lie, and we’re going to call it out as a lie on this radio program.

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