Black Tennessee Lawmaker Tells White Colleague to ‘Minimize Your Voice’

A black lawmaker in Memphis, Tennessee, with a history of making racially charged statements, is under fire for saying the opinions of white people do not matter.

Shelby County Commissioner Britney Thornton has been a staunch proponent of legislation that would make it harder for law enforcement to crack down on criminals.

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Memphis is one of the deadliest and most dangerous cities in America – primarily because of elected leaders who do not support the police or the sheriff’s department.

Brandon Morrison, a white commissioner, was pointing out that her constituents felt like their voices were not being heard – compared to radical activists who routinely attend commission meetings.

“We have citizens leaving our county and we’re losing our tax base,” Morrison said. “My constituents feel like they didn’t get their voices heard in an equal fashion.”

That prompted Commissioner Thornton to lecture the white lawmaker.

The issues that we talk about from time to time disproportionantly impact certain districts.

“I would ask each of you in the district you represent how many of your constituents are low income neighborhood residers,” she asked. “How many of your constituents are black residents? How many of your constituents are residents of color.”

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“And if your constituency does not reflect any of those demographics, then I would ask that you minimize your voice in this conversation to actually hold space for persons that are impacted but not present,” Thornton said.

“So we can pack the house with persons who are not targeted and they can say listen to the police all day but at the end of the day they don’t fear the police and they aren’t heavily overly targeted by the police,” she went on to say. “We need to have a sensitivity to experiences that may not be our own but still they are experiences of people in Shelby County.”

And then Thornton dropped this bombshell.

“I do not want affluent white or black people to come down here speaking on an issue that is my neighbor’s issues,” she said.

Thornton once said she was triggered by another commissioner’s whiteness.

“I own the fact that today your whiteness triggered me because it is actually an identity that I recognize postures you differently from me,” the black commissioner said during a contentious commission meeting. “It comes from privileges that I simply do not have.”

Just imagine the national outrage if a white commissioner was that disrespectful to black lawmakers. Every professional race hustler in the nation would be marching in the streets of Memphis.

KWAM 990 AM listeners, the dominant news talk radio station in Memphis, unleashed on Thornton’s racist diatribe.

“Their mission is to get rid of the police and have a third world country this is the left’s radical mission why even have a police force they are doing everything they can do keep them from doing their jobs this is disgusting,” wrote one listener.

“She doesn’t want to hear from white folks, but I’ll bet she wouldn’t turn away white folks tax dollars,” said another listener. “She wants to play the race card? OK let’s make it about race, WHO is committing the MAJORITY of ALL crimes?????”

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