BREAKING: Dr. Oz Refuses to Say if 2020 Presidential Race Was Stolen

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Dr. Oz, the man endorsed by President Trump in the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race, refused to say whether or not he believed the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

“The reality for me is 2020, under the cover of Covid, was an example of how you should not run an election,” he said during an interview with journalist David Brody. “Here in Pennsylvania, people are really worked up about it.”

Do you believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen?

Oz claimed he’s heard from voters who say “their votes weren’t counted,” but he would not go farther.

“We have got to understand the different ways where cheating occurred, so we can, first of all, identify how much cheating happened, but also make sure that it never happens again,” he said, then pushing for voter ID laws in Pennsylvania.

Brody kept pressing, but Oz would not take the bait.

“I want to be careful. Republicans are about fixing things,” he said. “I know for sure we’ve got to deal with 2020, but this is about knowing exactly what the right diagnosis is so we can give the right treatment.”

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