BREAKING NEWS: California Governor Gavin Newsom to Face Recall

The effort to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom has enough signatures to qualify for the ballot, the secretary of state's office confirmed.

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It’s official.

The effort to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom has enough signatures to qualify for the ballot, the secretary of state’s office confirmed.

Recall supporters needed to turn in 1.5 million valid signatures to trigger an election, and organizers say they were able to collect more than 2.1 million by the March 17 deadline. More than 1.6 million signatures have been found to be valid.

California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson said voters across political parties and a range of diverse constituencies who agree that California has been devastated by an arrogant and incompetent politician.


“Newsom kept children out of school by not standing up to the teachers’ unions. He lied about suffering through Zoom school with California parents while his own children attend in-person private school,” she said.

“He hypocritically ignored his own rules and dined mask-less, indoors at the French Laundry while too many Californians stood in bread lines for the first time and were told not to gather with others” Patterson said. “Voters signed recall petitions because California is on the wrong track, and we deserve better than the failures of this incompetent governor. Gavin Newsom earned this recall, and we look forward to helping him into early retirement later this fall.”

RNC National Committeewoman for California Harmeet Dhillon also blasted Newsom.

“Governor Newsom has failed to reopen schools, destroyed countless businesses, driven hundreds of thousands of residents out of the state, lost us a Congressional seat, exacerbated the homeless crisis, forced unconstitutional restrictions on places of worship leading to a half-dozen defeats at the Supreme Court, placed last in the country at vaccination distribution, mismanaged California into one of the worst wildfire seasons in memory, failed to prepare for the upcoming drought, overseen a dramatic increase in crime, and the list goes on and on. California, once known as the Golden State, has lost its luster under Governor Newsom’s epic mismanagement, and Californians deserve better.”

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