“Broke” Customers Triggered By Bank’s Financial Advice

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Chase bank triggered a bunch of their customers the other day. One of their staffers posted a message on Twitter meant motivate people to save money.

It was a hypothetical conversation between a customer and their bank account — the customer wondering why their balance was so low, USA Today reports.

The bank account responded with some helpful tips like – making coffee at home, eating food that’s already in the fridge, and you don’t need a cab — it’s only three blocks.

The backlash was fast and furious — many calling the bank tone deaf. Others pointed out that Chase took money during the 2008 financial crisis.

Long story short — the bank deleted the tweet and apologized to their customers.

The fact is Chase Bank is absolutely right — if you want to save money – don’t waste your cash on avocado toast or five dollar lattes.

It’s better to be tone deaf than dirt-poor broke.