BULLETIN: GOP Leaders Set to Betray Voters on Dem Border Amnesty Plan

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There is widespread anger among conservatives over a border deal between Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY). The deal would provide green cards to some 50,000 illegals annually, and allow every illegal released into the United States to receive an immediate work permit.

The Spectator published a critical report saying the deal should be a non-starter. The report was titled, “Is the GOP about to sell out on the border?”

According to the Immigration Accountability Project, the proposed Senate deal would:

  • Increase green cards by 50,000/year
  • Work permits for adult children of H-1B holders
  • Immediate work permits to every illegal alien released from custody
  • Taxpayer-funded lawyers to certain UACs and mentally incompetent aliens
  • Expulsion authority for a limited number of days only if encounters exceed 5K/day over a seven-day period
  • Restrict parole for those who enter without authorization between ports of entry

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) posted a two-word response on X: “Absolutely not.”

He told the Senate that the House-passed H.R. 2 border security bill must be the baseline of a deal.

Lankford defended the bill on a social media posted and suggested the compromise deal was being intentionally misrepresented.

“I encourage people to read the border security bill before they judge the border security bill. I also advise people not to believe everything you read on the internet,” he wrote on X.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) furiously denounced the legislation.

“NOOOOOOOO!!!!,” she wrote on X. “This is NOT a border deal! This is a border SURRENDER!! Any elected U.S. politician that supports this doesn’t represent Americans, they represent the rest of the world! Don’t bring it to the floor, put it through a paper shredder!”

“Senate Republicans are working with Chuck Schumer on a secret ‘deal’ for AMNESTY & work permits for illegal immigrants,” Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL) wrote. “I will vote NO on the Senate Republican amnesty surrender deal. Secure the border, deport, and IMPEACH! Put America first!”

Call Sen. Lankford’s office: 202-224-5754. Call your senator and urge them to vote against this betrayal against our country.

Should Republicans compromise on shutting down the border and stopping the illegal alien invasion of America?

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