BULLETIN: Supreme Court Just Made the Border Crisis Even Worse

The Supreme Court ruled to allow President Biden to eliminate the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy where migrants stay below the border while awaiting immigration hearings.


The 5-4 decision was announced Thursday morning.

Do you agree with the decision?

The Biden Administration ended the program almost immediately after taking office.

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Citing concerns of being overrun with illegal immigrants crossing the border, Texas and Mississippi sued the administration.

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the opinion. Along with the liberal justices on the court, Roberts was joined by Kavanaugh in the majority.

The decision was dissented by the other conservative justices.

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Conservatives are concerned about the ruling as record-breaking rates of illegal immigrants and drugs continue to pour across the southern border.

“Due to the huge numbers of aliens who attempt to enter illegally from Mexico, DHS does not have the capacity to detain all inadmissible aliens encountered at the border, and no one suggests that DHS must do the impossible,” Samuel Alito wrote in the dissenting opinion.

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“This practice,” Alito continued, “violates the clear terms of the law, but the Court looks the other way.”

The decision comes after a series of consecutive losses for the Biden administration at the Supreme Court. For instance, the court ruled last week to strike down an unconstitutional gun law, overturn Roe v. Wade and limit the EPA’s authority to restrict greenhouse gas emissions.

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