Bush, Romney & Powell Don’t Want to Make America Great Again

A number of well-known Establishment Republicans say they will not be voting for President Trump in the presidential election. Colin Powell, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney – and even former President George W. Bush – according to The New York Times.

Powell says he is going to vote for former Vice President Joe Biden – a notorious pro-abortion politician. There’s no word on who the other turncoats are going to vote for.

But let’s be honest – it’s unlikely that Willard and his merry gang of RINOS voted for President Trump the first go-around.

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So the Establishment Republicans are upset because of the president’s tone and tenor. I get it – but Washington, D.C. is not a Sunday school class  – it’s a dirty swamp filled with all sorts of slithering snakes and creepy critters.

An unlike previous Republican presidents (and presidential candidates) Donald John Trump is willing to fight back.

But this goes far beyond tone and tenor – I believe the bigger issue is the president’s conservative politics. He’s actually delivering on his campaign promises.

To borrow a phrase from “W” — previous Republican presidents have been “all hat, no cattle.”

Consider President Trump’s track record.

This president declared war on Planned Parenthood. He moved our embassy to Jerusalem. He secured the border. He put constitutionalists on the Supreme Court.

His economic policies created jobs for millions of minority workers. He promised to make America great again. And by golly he delivered on that promise.

So when George W. Bush and Mitt Romney and Colin Powell say they are voting against the president – THAT’S what they are voting against.

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