California Pastor Says Trump’s Border Wall is Biblical

California pastor Shane Idleman believes border security and Christian principles go hand-in-hand, and that it’s “absolutely not” unbiblical for Christians to desire a wall at the southern border.

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“We need a border wall, but I also believe we need a lot of compassion,” Idleman told The Todd Starnes Show on Wednesday. “We need a lot of working with the churches to try to help these people who genuinely need help.”

After his visit to the southern border, Idleman said his upcoming editorial will address how the United States government can uphold the law while maintaining compassion at the same time.

“We go home to walls. Borders and perimeters and boundaries are definitely biblical,” he added.

“The real question is, how does our government address a legitimate issue and show compassion while at the same time guarding the American people,” Idleman told Starnes. Check out his entire radio interview here.

Idleman is the lead pastor at the Westside Christian Fellowship church located in Lancaster, California.

“We see those who are truly seeking help. They’re in a bad situation … they need to get out of the area, and the asylum program is very helpful in those types of situations,” he continued, adding that there are instances of “kids who actually don’t know the supposed parent” bringing them to America. “The people bringing them in have been hired to bring them in to the border.”

“You have this conglomeration of legitimate need now and then, mixed in with all these other elements.”

Idleman believes officials at the border are doing their best.

“You have border patrol who’s actually working to stop people from coming in illegally. But then you have Customs who is at the port of entry, and they’re actually helping those who want to come in the right way,” Idleman said while reflecting on his border visit.

“Their highest call is to protect the American people. I think we forget that,” he added. “We can’t turn the other cheek to drug traffickers and the cartel who are wanting to actually destroy our nation.”

Idleman said the mainstream media is in the tank for the liberal argument that President Donald Trump is improperly handling immigration.

“If it was a Democratic president, they would never even suggest otherwise,” the pastor continued. Democrats “hate the president so much, that they’ll twist what’s being said, what’s being done, in order to … push their agenda.”

Idleman mentioned how a photo of immigrant children held in cages at the border was framed as a consequence of Trump administration policies, yet the photo “was actually taken in 2014.”

“I’m sure some of your viewers know, but many people don’t,” he told Starnes. “I’m still getting emails on that.”