CBS NEWS: Republican Red Wave Could Be A Ripple

The red wave could be a red ripple if Establishment Republicans don’t stop their attacks on former President Trump and unify around a central message of “America First.”

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A CBS News Battleground Tracker shows the GOP is still poised to retake the House of Representatives, but not by much.

CBS News reports that trends show a narrow gain instead of a wave.

While Republicans continue to lead with people who prioritize the economy, at least three things are tempering their overall advantage:

Abortion rights: it’s still on voters’ minds, buttressing Democratic support and helping them with women in swing districts. 

Gas prices: most report prices in their area coming down, and with them, views of Biden’s handling the economy are up a bit – part of a slight rebound we see among the Democratic base.

The extent to which this election is about anything other than a still-shaky economy, such as:

Donald Trump — while midterm elections are often referenda on the sitting president, this one is about the former, too. For a majority of voters he’s a factor, either to support or oppose him. Democrats are winning voters whose vote is based “a lot” on how they feel about Trump.

Republican nominees: both women and independents (key voting groups) are more likely to say it’s Republicans who’ve been nominating candidates they’d call extreme – more so than Democrats’ nominees.

CBS News

I’ve been warning Republicans for weeks now that division within the Republican Party could very well result in a midterm disaster. Establishment Republicans are dead set on destroying former President Trump while America First candidates are still campaigning on the theft of the 2020 presidential election.

Unless there is a clear, unified. message focused on crime, the border, and our public schools – we will lose.

One significant issue on the minds of voters is abortion rights, the poll discovered. By a more than two to one margin voters say their vote for Congress will be to support abortion rights rather than oppose them.

Should Republicans Unify Around Trump?

There have been some warning signs that Democrats were motivated by the Supreme Court’s decision to send the abortion issue back to the states.

A law that would have outlawed abortion in strongly pro-life Kansas suffered a crushing defeat at the polls. And a New York congressional race, which was expected to be a win for Republicans, went Democrat. Political pundits suspect pro-abortion voters caused the loss for Republicans.


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