Cheney Declares War on MAGA World; Reagan Rolling Over in His Grave

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Congresswoman Liz Cheney officially declared war on conservatives within the Republican Party. 

Delivering an anti-Trump screed Wednesday night at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. 

Do you stand with Trump or Cheney?

“At this moment, we are confronting a domestic threat that we have never faced before — and that is a former president who is attempting to unravel the foundations of our constitutional republic,” Cheney declared. “He is aided by Republican leaders and elected officials who made themselves willing hostages to this dangerous and irrational man. Even after all we’ve seen, they’re enabling his lies.”

Cheney told Republicans they “have to choose,” because they “cannot both be loyal to Donald Trump and loyal to the Constitution.”

The packed house stood to their feet and cheered. 

“As the full picture is coming into view with the Jan. 6 committee, it has become clear that the efforts Donald Trump oversaw and engaged in were even more chilling and more threatening than we could have imagined,” Cheney said.

Republicans have a tendency of rewriting history so let me set the record straight about President Reagan. He was not a moderate. He was not an Establishment Republican. As a matter of fact – the Establishment Republicans hated Ronald Reagan. They despised everything he stood for. And one of his chief critics was none other than George H.W. Bush. 

Reagan was the first to campaign on the promise to Make America Great Again. 

“For those without job opportunities, we’ll stimulate new opportunities, particularly in the inner cities where they live. For those who’ve abandoned hope, we’ll restore hope and we’ll welcome them into a great national crusade to make America great again,” he declared during his acceptance speech in 1980 at the Republican National Convention.”

And Donald Trump was the second coming of Reagan.

And to know that the Establishment Republicans launched their Civil War against conservatives on the hallowed ground of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library —- the Gipper must be rolling over in his grave. 

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