Cheryl Chumley: Don’t Trust FBI’s Evidence Against Trump

The public can’t trust the FBI’s evidence against former President Trump because we don’t know what could have been planted, Cheryl Chumley, opinion editor for The Washington Times, said on the Todd Starnes Show.

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Do you trust the FBI?

She points out that this is the same DOJ that cried “Russia collusion” against Trump in a “big witch hunt” that supplied nothing.

“And so now you have these same players who were going after his private residence, rifling through Melania’s own clothes in her closet for some strange, odd reason,” Chumbley said. “And we’re supposed to fall on the side of believing whatever they produce from this search is truthful and honest. You have to have red flags about whatever documents or information comes forward. You have to be questioning yourself, is this a plant or was it really there?”


STARNES: [01:03:25] I want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line right now. Honored to have with us The Washington Times opinion editor. She’s got an incredible bestselling book called Lockdown the Socialist Plan to Take Away Your Freedom. Cheryl Chumley joins us now. Cheryl, Hope you’re doing well.

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CHUMLEY: Todd, it’s great to be with you. Thanks for having me.

STARNES: So, a bit of drama here today as we wait for whatever the attorney general is going to say.

CHUMLEY: Yeah. And, you know, it’s about time, because I think that he has to come up with some sort of explanation that will satisfy not just the Republican pro-Trump faction, but also many in the mainstream media that normally do not support anything that defends Trump, who are asking questions about this. He has to come up with some good talking points that can sell to mainstream America. What exactly went on?

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STARNES: It’s not a good day when you’ve got the young Turks and Andrew Cuomo coming after you along with the Republicans. I mean, that tells me they’ve got big problems.

CHUMLEY: Yeah. And honestly, any American out there who still is cheering the fact that the FBI went into Donald Trump’s personal residence. I just step back and take a look at the constitutional ramifications of this. I mean, I don’t even see how this fits or jives with the Fourth Amendment, where you have to name particularly specifically what you are searching, what persons in places and objects you are searching, and what you will remove from that from the place that was searched. And we’re still waiting on those questions to be answered. And I understand that when an investigation is ongoing, there’s a certain amount of information that can be withheld, but not when you bust into the home of the former president of the United States, the very former president who may, in fact, be running against the sitting president, who was in charge of the players and actors who busted into the home.

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STARNES: And not to mention that, Cheryl. But let’s just say for the sake of the argument, ‘okay, they got the dirt on the president.’ But the problem is, the way they conducted this raid, it taints everything. They ordered the security cameras turned off. They refused to let the attorneys be present. They showed them the search warrant at for my understanding, according to Eric Trump, standing ten feet away. So there’s no way any of this could possibly stand up in a court of law.

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CHUMLEY: Yeah. See, that’s the other problem right? Now, if you’re a member of the FBI team that did the search right in the last couple of days, you have to wonder why you wouldn’t allow somebody with watchdog-type eyes on what you’re searching for to be present. Because for three-plus years, this same type of anti-Trump faction went after Donald Trump crying, Russia collusion, Russia collusion, Russia collusion. And as Trump named it, it was a big witch hunt. It was nothing. And so now you have these same players who were going after his private residence, rifling through Melania’s own clothes in her closet for some strange, odd reason. And we’re supposed to fall on the side of believing whatever they produce from this search is truthful and honest. You have to have red flags about whatever documents or information comes forward. You have to be questioning yourself, is this a plant or was it really there?

STARNES: Within 20 seconds of getting word of this? The first question I had is, what did they plant? Again, that’s a concern you have to have with the FBI. And this predates this predates Donald Trump. I mean, even predates MLK when they, you know, tried to get him to commit suicide. Remember those letters and the tapes? Ron Paul back in the 1980s was talking about how the FBI was actually created to really go after political enemies of the president.

CHUMLEY: Yeah. And anybody in America who thinks that America’s government would never do anything untoward towards its citizens and that they must have the goods to show that they were justified in doing this search and so forth. Those are the Americans that don’t know truthful American history, because our history is just filled with government overreach and government doing things that are unconstitutional. And really, you only have to go back as far as just yesterday or last week or last year with all the pre with all the pandemic justified clampdowns on liberties and seizures of individual rights, to show that the government is quite willing to exercise its powers in unconstitutional manners when it’s so wants.

STARNES: Cheryl Chumley, by the way, folks from the Washington Times, she is the opinion editor on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Cheryl, you’ve got a story up. Trump Supporters Signal Trouble for Deep State. Do you really think this is going to be the line, the crossing, the Rubicon?

CHUMLEY: I do. I really do. I think Americans were fed up with the Russian collusion, at least conservative Americans. And I think Americans of all walks, of all political walks were getting weary of the coronavirus clampdowns in the randomly enforced science and dictates and so forth. And then I think a lot in the Democrat Party, the independents even and moderates in the Democrat Party were getting fed up with the inflation and the empty grocery store shelves and the inability to find baby formula and the doubling of gas prices to fill your gas tank. And so all that was bubbling and brewing beneath the surface. And now comes this widely reported rate that we still have question marks hovering in the air about. And I think this could be a final straw, not just for already Trump supporters, but for the rest in America who are fed up with what the Democrats have produced in the last year and a half under this Biden administration.

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STARNES: I’m with you, Sheryl. And we’re hearing it from our listeners all over the country. People are just fed up and they’re ready to take their country back. They’re very concerned. They didn’t know about the extent of the rot, the deep state in Washington, D.C. and thank God for President Trump because I know he’s had a target on his back for a number of years now, but he’s exposing what needs to be exposed and rooted out.

CHUMLEY: Yeah. And I think any American right now should be praying for the Trump family because, my goodness, think about what he’s withstood while president and now what he is. Still he and his family together are still having a fight. So, you know, kudos to him for having the legs upon which to stand for the fight.

STARNES: Well-said. All right, Cheryl, great piece. We’ve got a link to it on our live show blog, folks. Got to check that out. Cheryl Chamblee, Washington Times opinion editor. Always good having you on the show, Cheryl.

CHUMLEY: Thank you. Have a great day.

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