Christian Leaders Warn GOP: Don’t Cave on Traditional Marriage

More than 80 Christian conservative organizations wrote a letter to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) calling on him to oppose the “Respect for Marriage Act,” which would codify same-sex marriage into law.

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The bill, which is now awaiting a vote in the Senate, passed the House of Representatives last week with the help of 47 Republicans.

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Michael Farris, the Alliance Defending Freedom CEO and president, asserted the Democrat-sponsored bill will not only redefine marriage but also intentionally jeopardize religious freedom.

“When culture and political institutions fail to respect the institution of marriage and instead promote open aggression against those who believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, they not only undermine human flourishing, but seriously harm religious freedom,” Farris said.


“The so-called ‘Respect for Marriage Act’ doesn’t simply codify the Obergefell decision… it also empowers the government to punish millions of Americans who hold decent and honorable beliefs about marriage,” he added.

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In the letter to McConnell, the signatories highlighted that the bill, also called H.R. 8404, allows marriage to be defined in a number of ways that are inconsistent with the truth, including opening the door for marriages involving minors and relatives.

Additionally, the letter warns the legislation would make it easier for activist organizations to sue individuals and businesses for living out their religious beliefs.

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While supporters of the proposed bill argue that it will preserve an individual’s right to obtain a same-sex marriage, the letter notes, “H.R. 8404 does nothing to change the status of, or benefits afforded to, same-sex marriage.”

Bloomberg reports the Senate will likely not vote on the bill before the August recess.

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