College Psychology Quiz Labels Fox News as “Fake News”

Jairus Hill had a decision to make in his psychology class – should he violate his personal beliefs to make a good grade or should he take a stand for what he knew to be true?

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The 17-year-old high school student, who is also enrolled at Carteret Community College in North Carolina decided to do the right thing and take a stand.

Jairus had been reading my new book, “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation.”

In Chapter 2, I wrote about how many public school classrooms have been turned into indoctrination centers for the left.

He had no idea he would encounter such bias in his psychology class.

One of the questions on his test quizzed students about fake news – and the instructor made a stunning claim about the nation’s number one cable television news network.

“Not only does it attack Fox News, but it is forcing the students to mark as the correct answer that FOX news is ‘fake news,'” Jairus told me.
Get a load of the question and answer:
Sometimes pseudo-facts are given as support for claims. Such fabrication occurs most often in fake news. As a good critical thinker in psychology class, you know that the spot fake news by all of the following except?

Select one:

A. Check the date, is the story fresh or stale?

B. Visit the library or a fact-checking website.

C. Figuring out the source of the story and determining if reliable.

D. Listening to FOX news.

It turned out the “correct answer” was “D”.

“She’s calling Fox News fake news,” Jairus told me.

I worked at the Fox News Corner of the World for well over a decade and I can vouch for the great people who work there. Some of the best journalists and opinion makers in the industry work for Fox News Channel, Fox Business, Fox Nation and FoxNews.com.

And it’s beyond frustrating when their reputation for fair and balanced news is slandered in taxpayer-funded classrooms.

A college spokesperson tells me students are taught certain criteria to validate facts and courses and that includes using primary research, checking dates, and source credibility.”

“The intention of listing Fox News as a multiple choice answer was to indicate that mainstream media is not a primary source for fact checking,” the spokesperson told me in an email. “A better answer would have been ‘broadcast news’ and the instructor has been advised to refrain from identifying individual network medias.”

I suspect the instructor’s true intention was to take a cheap shot at Fox News Channel. Regardless, I’m glad the student spoke out about the not-so-subtle attempt at leftist indoctrination. And I’m glad the college remedied the problem.

There’s just one more issue that needs to be resolved. The instructor should adjust Jairus’ grade to reflect that he correctly answered the question.

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