College Removed Signs That Offended Communist Students

Scott Walker, the president of Young America’s Foundation, told the Todd Starnes Show that conservative students at a community college in California were ordered to take down posters that revealed the truth about socialism. College administrators said the posters were offensive to Communists.

“You’re damn right they’re offensive to Communists,” Walker told Starnes. Read the full transcript below.


Are Republicans Going To Win A Majority in the House and Senate?


The following is a rush transcript from the Todd Starnes Show which airs daily from noon to 3:00 p.m. EST.

TODD STARNES: [00:42:02] Our good friend, Governor Scott Walker, joins us. Hey, Governor, hope you’re doing well today. [00:42:05][3.4]

SCOTT WALKER: [00:42:06] Hey, Todd. Great to be with you. [00:42:08][1.2]

TODD STARNES: [00:42:09] So midterm elections and governor, I don’t want to jinx anything here, but man is it sure looks good for Republicans literally all over America right now. [00:42:19][10.0]

SCOTT WALKER: [00:42:20] It really is. I think and I bet my House Republicans take the House. It’s a combination of great candidates, redistricting, and drawing more straight boundaries than before. And most importantly, as you know, you talked about, we’re on the right side of the issues. I mean, when Joe Biden says the economy is on fire while eating ice cream, you think he got brain freeze or something like that because people know it because of their policies. It’s costing Americans more for gas, food, for housing. And they realize that those radicals in the left, the things they’re doing, actually have made it worse. And they’re ready to get rid of the people and at least on the Democrat side in the House. And it’s making a lot of these Senate races that were once considered to be bigger gaps now very close. And you’ve got obviously it’s a couple more weeks to go, but I think it’s a real shot, even taking the Senate as well. [00:43:15][55.1]

TODD STARNES: [00:43:16] I am with you on that and taking the Senate by some pretty good numbers. Look, even in Oregon, we’ve been following the race, Christine Drazan, who is the Republican nominee for governor. And it looks like that Oregon could have its first Republican in the governor’s mansion in more than 40 years. Nike co-founder Phil Knight is now dumping a lot of money into her campaign. Even The Wall Street Journal weighing in and saying that the crime wave in Oregon, in places like Portland and a governor, we heard from our affiliate out there in Salem that crime is just pouring out in other parts of the state and it’s really causing people to step back and say, hey, we got to stop this. [00:43:55][39.3]

SCOTT WALKER: [00:43:56] Yeah. The first time they’ve had a Republican since I was in school, and it is once upon a time that was a competitive state. But it’s a combination, right, of Portland in particular, but people all throughout that area. I spoke at Washington County, just outside of Portland. They are scared all over the area, just like they are outside of Seattle and Washington. But it’s a combination that the interesting thing in that race, this happened years ago in Maine when they elected a Republican governor there as well. And it’s a three-way race. You’ve got a legitimate third-party independent candidate who’s polling at about 20%. And so that’s pulling more votes from the Democrat than from a Republican and the Republicans right on message on crime. Even polling points out the very unpopular current governor whose policies have led some of these really radical criminals back out on the streets. I think that’s why you even see the margins getting closer in the governor’s race in New York State because of crime. Public safety is a real issue in the House, in the Senate, but particularly in these gubernatorial races. [00:45:00][63.6]

TODD STARNES: [00:45:01] It’s across the board and literally border to border with the Zeldin Kathy Hochul race. And Lee Zeldin is making solid gains there. Governor, I’m curious to know the role of YAF in all of this, really raising up that next generation of young American conservatives. How important is your work and the work you guys are doing at YAF to what’s happening on these on the campaign trail right now? [00:45:29][28.0]

SCOTT WALKER: [00:45:30] Well, this is pushing a fundamental shift. A lot of our kids go out and they, you know, they’re in dual groups. They’re Young America’s foundation. They get their educational backing, they get their counter to the radicalism on campus and then they go join college. Republicans are just, in many cases, campaigns outright themselves countering what we saw really in 2018 and 2020, where you saw just such a big margin among 18 to 24-year-olds. It was when I ran for reelection in 2014 as governor, actually tied with my Democrat opponent in that age category. We’ve seen big gaps growing since that and part of the work we’re doing to lay the foundation now in college and high school, but even younger in middle school now. Yes. And if you want to know more go to YAF.org, so that these young people can go out and persuade others to make the case for positive conservative ideas. And I think now, again, if you’re young, you need to look at not only your own personal safety on campus or your communities, but you look at how much things cost and you’re looking ahead to a future you realize pouring more federal money and more state local money. And those things aren’t the answer. And then on top of that, if you were in a school that was locked down the last couple of years, you’ve got to wise up and realized it was people on the left who did that. And those are not the people you want to charge. Certainly not in a pandemic, but not at any time. [00:46:49][79.6]

TODD STARNES: [00:46:50] On the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line, our good friend, Governor Scott Walker, president of Young America’s Foundation, of course, coming up in just a couple of weeks, you guys are going to be celebrating Freedom Week, celebrating victory over communism. And that’s going to be a big event for students all over the nation. [00:47:08][17.6]

SCOTT WALKER: [00:47:10] It is, you know, we kick it off. October 9th is the anniversary of actually November 9th the anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down and of course, at the end of the week. We thank those men and women who ultimately, in many cases, paid the ultimate price. But whether they were killed in action or they came back home and continued to live a great life here in America, we celebrate Veterans Week as well as Veterans Day throughout that week as well. But it’s amazing you get a kick out of this. It amazes me that on some of these campuses, there’s pushback. We just got a federal judge to intervene and grant a request for a preliminary injunction in California. There’s a place called Clovis Community College in Fresno that actually had an approved organization – a YAF chapter right there on campus, and put up posters. And one of them is kind of a play off of the ‘Got Milk’ campaign, which says, “Got Milk? Got Bread? Got Blankets? Got Anything?” And it shows a woman in the old Soviet Union with bare shelves trying to find some food and talks about embracing liberty instead of communism and socialism. But that could be today in Venezuela or Cuba or elsewhere around the world. We found that the reason they claim that these administrators claim they took the posters down was that they were offensive to communists. You’re damn right they’re offensive to Communists. And that’s why they point out the truth. [00:48:36][86.0]

TODD STARNES: [00:48:36] That’s right. I’ll love it. All of it. And of course, also at YAF.org folks, you’ve got a student on campus and you see bias. They have a bias hotline. And you can check all of that at great resources over at YAF.org, and of course, links to all of their great conferences. And it’s always been an honor to speak and meet the students at the conferences. You guys do, not just in D.C., but also out in Santa Barbara. So, Governor, I appreciate you letting us be involved. [00:49:03][26.5]

SCOTT WALKER: [00:49:04] Well, my pleasure. Always great out there. I’m going to head out tomorrow after the Reagan Ranch for another one of our high school conferences. High school, college, and now middle school. Why? Afterward, you got a student, a kid, grandkid. Your neighbor’s kids, you could get them involved. Because what they’ll find more than anything, more than just great speakers like you, which is fabulous enough. The most impressive thing, they realize they’re not alone. There are other young people just like that. And that’s what it takes to be brave. [00:49:29][25.1]

TODD STARNES: [00:49:30] That’s all right. Well, safe travels, Governor. Always good having you on the program and say hello to our good friends out there in Santa Barbara. [00:49:36][5.8]

SCOTT WALKER: [00:49:37] Thank you, Todd. Have a good one. [00:49:38][1.0]

TODD STARNES: [00:49:38] All right, Governor Scott Walker, ladies and gentlemen from Young America’s Foundation. And everybody has a role to play. Everybody has a role to play. And our job is to get the message out there and offer platforms to good people like Scott Walker from Young America’s Foundation. [00:49:55][17.3]


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