Congressional Black Caucus Picks White Democrat Over Black Republican

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is defending its support of a white congressional candidate who is running against a black, female Iraq War veteran in the race.


Rep. Frank Mrvan (D-IN), the White Democrat being funded by the CBC, is running against Republican Jennifer-Ruth Green to represent Indiana’s First Congressional District.

Does the CBC care more about their liberal agenda than they do about black Americans?

The Daily Caller reports the CBC donated $5,000 to Mrvan’s campaign in late September while showing no support for the black candidate in the race.

Despite the lack of support from the CBC, Green raised more than Mrvan in the third quarter, bringing in nearly $1.4 million while the Democrat did not break $950,000, per a Politico report.

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The CBC defended its support for Mrvan in a statement to the Daily Caller.

“The Congressional Black Caucus PAC is committed to electing African-Americans and African-American allies to Congress who will fight for our values. Congressman Mrvan understands the importance of a woman’s right to choose and protecting access to healthcare for all people,” the statement reads.

The statement also said that the CBC believes Mrvan will stand up against racial injustice.

It continues, “One of his first votes in Congress was for the American Rescue Plan which helped end this pandemic, put workers back on the job, and shored up the kinds of small businesses that are the backbone of Black community. We support him because we know he will continue to fight against racial and economic injustice and ensure Northwest Indiana is able to continue to grow and thrive.”

Green responded Thursday on Twitter:

“It’s the American people versus the DC politicians and lobbyists. I’m with the American people. The @TheBlackCaucus is with the politicians and lobbyists, and their career politician ally @RepMrvan. #IN01 America’s poorest communities are proof @RepMrvan and @TheBlackCaucus care more about power and helping themselves than helping the people of northwest Indiana. It’s sad. #IN01.”

This is not the first instance of the CBC neglecting black candidates solely on the basis of party affiliation.

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The CBC blocked Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL), who is black, from joining the caucus in 2021.

Following the CBC’s refusal to admit Donalds, his campaign manager told The Hill, “The sad reality is although the Congressman and those in the CBC share the same race, the (R) behind his name disqualifies him from membership today.”

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