Conservative Black Congressman Blacklisted From Congressional Black Caucus

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Rep. Byron Donalds (R – FL) appeared on CNN recently to discuss the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) snubbing black lawmakers who have “R’s” next to their names, only to get snubbed by the liberal network.  

Donalds joined “New Day” anchor Brianna Keilar to offer his reaction after an anonymous source told BuzzFeed that the CBC was blocking the conservatives’ caucus membership.  

“I’ve actually expressed interest in joining, I think having a wider range of discussions from all sides of the political framework is important not just for Black America, but all America,” he told Keilar.  


However, the CNN anchor didn’t seem interested in interviewing the lawmaker’s reaction to his denied entry. Instead, Keilar spent the segment interrogating the republican for supporting former President Donald Trump and voting right bills, suggesting that his values were “incongruent” with the CBC’s “mission.” 

Watch the entire exchange here:

 “As a Black man in America, I’m allowed to have my own thoughts on who I choose to support and who I choose not to support,” he told Keilar, after network played a montage of Trump’s most controversial statements.  

He added: “My support for President Trump, whether it’s for or against, is irrelevant. It has nothing to do with this discussion. This is whether the ideology of someone who is conservative is welcome in the Congressional Black Caucus.”   

The fiery exchange between the two went viral with social media users slamming Keilar’s coverage of the lawmaker. A few hours, CNN dropped Donald’s scheduled appearance with Chris Cuomo, replacing him with Rep. Adam Schiff (D—CA), Breitbart reported.  

“It looks like @brikeilarcnn called @ChrisCuomo & told him he should rethink interviewing me tonight. I’ve been BUMPED from tonight’s show, Russian collusion, “Trump’s a Russian agent” @AdamSchiff took my place,” Donalds tweeted. 

“I’m not surprised,” he added. “Someone has to tell Chris I’m better for ratings.”  

Donald’s communications director Harrison Fields told Fox News that “White liberals can’t comprehend how Black people could be Republicans, especially Trump supporters.”

“[Keilar] was obviously justifying the CBC for denying my boss, but that was also not a surprise,” he added. “The bar isn’t very high for those on CNN They usually aren’t interested in telling the truth.”

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