Conservative Republican Karrin Robson Surging in Arizona Polls

The Republican primary for the governor’s mansion has taken a number of twists and turns in Arizona.

While most of the nation’s media focuses on former television anchor-turned politician Kari Lake, there’s another candidate poised to surge in the polls.

Her name is Karrin Taylor Robson. She a rock-solid conservative and she’s raised more than a million dollars for former President Trump’s reelection campaign.

She also voiced concerns about the 2020 presidential election.

“I will continue to say that I don’t believe the election was fair,” Robson told Arizona Family.

She is also a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment.

“I’m a strong defender of the Second Amendment. Always have been,” Robson said. “I don’t believe you eliminate this kind of violence by taking away people’s constitutional rights or cracking down on law-abiding gun owners.”

Here’s how the Arizona Republic described Taylor Robson:

Taylor Robson, like Salmon, is a conservative, a businesswoman who has worked within the Republican ranks for nearly three decades. She raised more than $1 million for Donald Trump’s reelection and like all candidates, she’s tromped down to the border to the make the requisite border “invasion” ad required of all Republican candidates. 

But you won’t hear her screaming about a stolen election when the facts prove otherwise. She’ll straddle the fence, talking about what she sees as unfair election practices but she won’t fall into the looneyland of ballot mules, counterfeit paper and whatever may be the election conspiracy theory de jour.


Taylor Robson is making a comeback thanks in part to a third candidate pulling out of the race. Matt Salmon is expected to endorse Taylor Robson.

Should that happen, it could be the push she needs to surge ahead of Lake.

And a recent poll by OH Predictive Insights put Lake in front 23% to Taylor Robson’s 21%. In an April poll from the Phoenix-based firm, the former TV news anchor led Taylor Robson 29%-22%.

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