DARK WINTER: Biden China Virus Advisor Suggests 4-6 Week Shutdown

One of former Vice President Joe Biden’s China Virus advisors says a U.S. lockdown of four to six weeks could control the pandemic and revive the economy.


In my newest book, “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation,” I warned Americans that Democrats would take advantage of a national crisis to push the country towards socialism.

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Shutting down businesses and paying people for lost wages for four to six weeks could help keep the coronavirus pandemic in check and get the economy on track until a vaccine is approved and distributed, Dr. Michael Osterholm told CNBC.

“We could pay for a package right now to cover all of the wages, lost wages for individual workers for losses to small companies to medium-sized companies or city, state, county governments. We could do all of that,” he said. “If we did that, then we could lockdown for four-to-six weeks.”

Never let a crisis go to waste.

I’m not sure the nation’s economy could survive a six-week shutdown. And that’s the point. The Democrats know the country cannot survive such a calamity.

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