Dem Congressman Wants to Ban Teens From Wearing MAGA Hats

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A Kentucky Democrat congressman wants to ban teenagers from wearing “Make America Great Again” ball caps.

“I am calling for a total and complete shutdown of teenagers wearing MAGA hats until we can figure out what is going on,” Rep. John Yarmuth declared on Twitter.

Yarmuth, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, also blamed President Trump for the behavior of the students.

“The conduct we saw in this video is beyond appalling, but it didn’t happen in a vacuum,” he tweeted. “This is a direct result of the racist hatred displayed daily by the President of the United States who, sadly, some mistake for a role model.”

Yarmuth’s call to confiscate MAGA hats came a day after video surfaced that showed Native American activists and black protesters targeting Catholic students in Washington, D.C.

The students, from Covington Catholic School, were waiting for buses after the March for Life when they were set upon by black protesters spewing homophobic slurs at students from the all-boys school.

One of the Native American activists then shoved his way into the crowd of boys and was filmed banging a drum in the face of one of the teenagers.

The Mainstream Media intentionally published false reports alleging the boys had targeted and surrounded the “elderly” Native American protester.

The only reason those boys were targeted and attack is because they were wearing MAGA hats.

Ross Douthat, The New York Times columnist, said as much in this tweet:

In other words, the Catholic school boys got what was coming to them because of what they were wearing.

Let’s hope the families sue every news agency that falsely reported the story.

As for Rep. Yarmuth — he might want to reconsider his proposed ban on MAGA hats. Most of the people I know who wear those hats are gun-toting, Bible-clinging patriots. And I’m one of them.

And it’ll be a cold day in hell before I let anybody take my Make America Great Again hat.

I am calling for a total and complete shutdown of teenagers wearing MAGA hats until we can figure out what is going on. They seem to be poisoning young minds. [1/2] https://t.co/yq5bLd4kE2

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