Democrat Rep Caught Spreading COVID Misinformation

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A Democrat representative was called out by the local media for spreading misinformation about hospitals being overrun in Iowa because of unvaccinated patients.

Rep. Cindy Axne (D-IA) told WHO 13 News: “We have hospitals right here in Des Moines and they have no more beds left. You have a heart attack, guess what? You’re out of luck. Your child gets in a car accident, unfortunately, they’re out of luck.”

She added: “You want to know why? Because we’re not having enough people vaccinated in Iowa and those who are vaccinated aren’t ending up in the hospital at nearly the degree that those who are unvaccinated are…what’s happening now is that those unvaccinated people are taking up beds that Iowans desperately need. So I really just urge everybody to get vaccinated, because if it’s not you, it could be your neighbor who suffers a heart attack and then can’t even get a bed at the hospital. That’s not what we should be doing here.”

She doubled down on the assertion that the hospitals were overrun, but WHO 13 News refuted her claim.

“WHO 13 News has been unable to find any hospital in Iowa that can no longer accept patients in emergency situations, like heart attacks or children in car crashes as Axne mentioned,” the station said in a statement.

Axne used the spot to push for government-manded vaccine mandates that are being pushed by President Biden.

Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton slammed Axne for the false claim.

“Axne’s latest comments are dangerous and harmful to Iowans. She knew she was spreading misinformation to try to scare constituents about COVID,” Crompton said. “In reality, Axne’s comments will keep Iowans who may be having a medical emergency, away from the hospital, instead of getting the life-saving treatment they need. Axne needs to come out and say she was wrong and stop putting a political agenda that pushes fear and misinformation ahead of Iowans’ best interests.”

A spokesman from Axne’s office offered this clarification to the NBC News affiliate.

“Recently, the Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines confirmed it was suspending elective surgeries because of capacity issues, and a spokesperson for Iowa’s MercyOne hospitals said that some of their facilities were ‘short on space.’ Rep. Axne reminded Iowans that the critical care hospitals provide isn’t limited to treating COVID-19 – ICU capacity is necessary for medical emergencies or accidents, and the doctors and nurses treating all those ailments can be strained if a hospital is overwhelmed. That’s why she encouraged all Iowans to get a COVID-19 vaccination if they haven’t already. The data shows that a vaccination is the best tool Iowans have to keep themselves and their families out of the ICU’s COVID-19 ward, and ensure there’s hospital capacity to treat patients who need the other kinds of care our doctors and nurses provide.”

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