Democrat State Rep Under Fire for Going After ‘Straight White Men’

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Maine State Rep. Charlotte Warren (D) is facing calls for her resignation after ripping on “straight white men” on social media.

Protesters gathered outside City Hall Wednesday in Hallowell, calling her comments “racist” and “sexist,” Fox 22 reports.

“After 20 years in politics, I’ve arrived at the following conclusion,” Warren began in a now-deleted post on the Maine State Senate Facebook page.

“Straight white men are too emotional to be in politics,” Warren wrote, along with other comments.

“Consider this a call to action to all my queer and gal pals!” she added.

“Dear white men who are feeling the need to complain about my comments: Check your priviledge (sic), your emotions, and be prepared for your comments to be deleted. Because, ‘Merica, free speech, and all that jazz.”

Warren added the hashtags: “#EffectiveGovernmentRequiresGrownPeople #CanWeGetSomeTherapistsUpInHere #DontShootTheMessenger”

Public officials are prohibited from selectively deleting negative comments and blocking certain users from their social media accounts, according to the American Civil Liberties Union of Maine.

A petition to expel Warren from office has been set up.

“We demand Charlotte be expelled from the Maine State Legislature at once,” the petition reads.