DeSantis ENRAGED Over Networks Calling Iowa For Trump

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The DeSantis campaign is enraged that the networks called the Iowa Caucuses for President Trump just minutes after voting began. Team DeSantis accused the media of “election interference.

“It is absolutely outrageous that the media would participate in election interference by calling the race before tens of thousands of Iowans even had a chance to vote, said DeSantis communications director Andrew Romeo. “The media is in the tank for Trump and this is the most egregious example yet.”

Campaign Manager James Uthmeier slammed the “appalling decision of the corporate media to call the race.”

“I personally spoke in multiple precincts and while I’m presenting and delivering the closing argument for Ron DeSantis and actually flipping voters, people start getting alerts on their phones saying the race is over,” he told NBC News. “One guy said ‘why do we even bother voting, if it’s already over?’ That is absurd.”

Steve Deace, one of the campaign’s most passionate Iowa surrogates, was furious.

“People are telling me phones got Fox News alerts Trump won before they even voted,” Deace wrote on X. “Just criminal levels of voter suppression. That network is a freaking cancer. With ‘friends’ like Fox, who needs CNN?”

“So we will call November when voting starts too, right,” asked radio host and DeSantis supporter Dana Loesch. “Just clarifying the new rules here.”

DeSantis press secretary Bryan Griffin said the networks made the call as people were still waiting to be checked in.

“No one had even voted,” he wrote on X. “It’s extremely disrespectful to the voters.”

Regardless, DeSantis is getting crushed by Trump across the Hawkeye state.

Should networks wait until everyone has voted before releasing results?

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