DeSantis Gets Last Laugh on Anti-Groomer Bill Opposed by Dems, Hollywood

Florida Governor Ron Desantis (R) signed into law the “Parental Rights in Education” bill Monday, the controversial piece of legislation critics have branded the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

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The law, which has sparked nationwide protests, gives parents the right to object to curricula deemed inappropriate for young grade-schoolers, according to The Post.

The night before DeSantis signed the bill, Hollywood used the Oscars Sunday night to speak out against it.

“We’re going to have a great night. And for you people in Florida, we are going to have a gay night,” mocked one Academy Awards host.

The humor ended the next morning when DeSantis went on the attack during the signing of the parental rights bill, exposing tinsel town for supporting disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein, who was convicted of sexual assault.

“If the people who held up degenerates like Harvey Weinstein as exemplars and as heroes, if those are the types of people and all that that are opposing us on parents’ rights, I wear that like a badge of honor,” DeSantis said.

Wake Up Memphis” host Tim Van Horn cheered on DeSantis defying Hollywood, saying “Preach on, brother.”

Van Horn went on to clarify the so-called homophobic bill, adding, “When someone calls it the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, stop them in their tracks and tell them it is the ‘Parental Rights in Education’ act.

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