DO-NOTHING GOP: McCarthy Could Face Ouster Over Spending Bill

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A political game of chicken is about to get underway in Washington. The federal government will run out of money unless a funding bill is passed. And right now the House and Senate are in different universes.

That’s leading some Republicans to suggest a short term spending bill. Absolutely Not!

How many times do we have to go down this path?

How difficult is it for Democrats and Republicans to understand that the. American people want a balanced budget. If we don’t have the money – we don’t spend it.

The United States is not like Ukraine. We don’t have a Sugar Daddy with unlimited resources – sending over cash every time somebody invades their nation.

The American people are tired of Republicans spending money like drunken Democrats.

Of course leadership will say this is about protecting the Republican majority. And if the government shuts down they will get the blame.

President Reagan shut down the federal government six times during his presidency. Not only did he get blamed, he accepted the blame. Wore it like a badge of honor. Went on to become one of the greatest presidents in American history.

Speaker McCarthy wants to pass a continuing resolution – a bill that would keep the government operating at current funding levels until December – to give Congress more time to sort out a long-term funding deal.

But they don’t need more time. Every member of Congress has a desk calendar. They knew the deadlines.

The House Freedom Caucus says they plan to play hardball. No short-term spending bills. And they would also oppose any short term bill that did not include a border security bill along with any bill that did not address the weaponization of the Justice Department or the FBI.

Congressman Chip Roy, the Republican from Texas said he would use every tool that he had at his disposal to stop a continuing resolution that was structured in a way he found unacceptable.

Congressman Ralph Norman, the Republican from South Carolina, said if a shutdown occurs, then so be it.

Speaker McCarthy may have a much bigger problem on his hands. There are already rumblings in DC about a motion to vacate the chair. IT’s the only weapon Conservatives have to keep McCarthy in line.

Should he cross the spending rubicon – the speaker could be out of a job.

To date – Republicans have not accomplished anything – except hosting hearing after hearing after hearing. Aleandro Mayorkas still has a job. So does Merrick Garland. And President Biden is eating ice cream. Not a single person in the Biden Administration has been impeached.  

All talk. No action. That’s the Republican motto under Speaker McCarthy. The Do-Nothing House. Click here to sign up for Todd’s daily newsletter featuring exclusive news for Conservatives.

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