Donald Trump Jr: Red Flag Laws Will Allow KARENS To Decide Your Constitutional Rights

Donald Trump Jr. warns that Karens who enforced mask mandates will go to scary lengths with red flag laws.

Ahead of his appearance in Memphis, TN Saturday for the American Freedom Tour, Trump, Jr. told the Todd Starnes Show that conservatives need to stand together in support of our ideals and our country.

Tim Van Horn, the host of Wake Up Memphis on KWAM, was guest-hosting the show.


The following is a rushed transcript from the Todd Starnes Show, which airs daily nationwide from noon to 3 p.m. EST:

Tim Van Horn: [00:22:22] Let’s go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line and joining us on the program, ahead of his big stop in Memphis, Tennessee, near our flagship station KWAM, we say a big Friday welcome to Donald Trump Jr. Mr. Trump, it’s an honor to have you on the show. How are you, sir? [00:22:38][16.0]

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Donald Trump Jr.: [00:22:40] I’m doing great. Great to be led in by the Patriot Mobile guys. I love those guys. They are literally at every conservative conference. They’re actually guys that are putting their money where their mouth is so its awesome to be part of your show. [00:22:50][10.7]

Should there be limits on the Second Amendment?

Van Horn: [00:22:51] We appreciate them and we appreciate you. And we know you’re coming to town tomorrow. Now, I don’t know whether or not you’re a dry ribs or a wet ribs kind of guy, but I know that there is a lot to discuss coming up at the American Freedom Tour that’s going to be coming through tomorrow. And one of the things that I’ve seen, Mr. Trump, that really concerns me are these red flag laws that they’re trying to ease into our Constitution. [00:23:17][26.6]

Trump junior: [00:23:20] Oh, yeah, I know. It’s 100%. And I’m excited to be there in Memphis. You know, tomorrow it’s going to be awesome and a lot of fun. And yeah, the red flag law is a scary thing. I mean, imagine what Amber Heard could have done to Johnny Depp with red flag laws, right? This isn’t about reporting a sociopath. This is finding some leftist, you know, your neighbor that’s been wearing 12 masks and a respirator on top of all of them and drives, you know, in a car by themselves with those masks, that person is going to decide whether you’re sane or not? They’ll call law enforcement if you’re taking your son duck hunting because they saw a gun, they’ll have to investigate it. They’ll take your guns, they’ll ruin your trip. It’ll take years and thousands of dollars because the law will be they’ll have to investigate it. These things will be weaponized like nothing else. And you don’t have to look any further than the last few years. You know, all the Karens that have been out there, you know, enforcing mask mandates, imagine what they would do about guns. It’s a truly scary notion. The lack of due process is truly insane. And, you know, frankly just strikes me as grossly unconstitutional. [00:24:22][62.1]

Van Horn [00:24:23] It’s very scary. And I know that for the Trump family, the military, is near and dear to the hearts of your entire family. And I am worried that those that have served, who oftentimes seem to be demonized, whether it’s in a civil or a divorce proceeding, that they’re going to be targeted as well. [00:24:38][14.8]

Trump junior: [00:24:40] 100%. And anyone again like I use the Amber Heard example. I mean it’s like you know you get in a bad relationship with someone and people on social media, they see you posted, you know, a picture of you with your son shooting. Oh, my God. I don’t think that kids are old enough to have been doing that. Like you’re letting the most radical people in the country ultimately decide who is and who is not sane. These are the same people who decided that you were a Nazi if you were a conservative for the last couple of years. If you disagree with their policies, you’re a racist, you’re a homophobe, you’re a bigot, and now you’ll be insane. Law enforcement will be forced to check it out. No one’s going to be paying your legal bills, those who perhaps need it most, that may be, you know, less well-off, living in worse neighborhoods that really need their Second Amendment, you know, where it may be more likely to come into play. You know, those are the people who are not going to be able to fight back. It’s going to be a disaster. And I promise you, you know, no one will weaponize this better than the left. It will literally be part of their mantra. They will go out there and they will enforce this on everyone they possibly could in their quest to eliminate the second amendment without fail. [00:25:50][70.7]

Van Horn [00:25:51] Donald trump jr is joining us on the Todd Starnes show this afternoon. And Mr. trump, I know that primaries are rolling by week after week. We are barreling toward the midterms and things are looking good. I mean, I know we don’t know until we know, but it has come to the point where I think the Democrats are becoming desperate because it’s hills like this and getting ready to riot if they don’t get what that they want on the Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade, they don’t have much else left other than violence and intimidation. [00:26:25][33.5]

Trump junior: [00:26:26] Well, there’s certainly, despite what you know, Joe Biden tells you, you know, I don’t think anyone who’s been to a store or the gas station in the last few months or like 18 months since he took over, would tell you that the economy is the greatest economy ever. Now, that press secretary will tell you this, but no one actually believes it. That was perhaps good about the Biden administration. The only thing that’s good about it is it’s so bad, and again, not Joe Biden, this is Democrat policy, right? These are all the things they said they would be doing. So let’s not let them make Joe Biden the scapegoat. It’s not just him. He’s is barely present. He signs whatever they put in front of him. So he’s enacting Democrat policy. So let’s make sure we also remember that. But it’s so bad that even the mainstream media can no longer run cover for them, even big tech, even social media. They can’t cover up enough of it because it’s so bad, it’s in-your-face. It’s right there for everyone to see. So, you know, even those trillion dollar industries that have functioned as the marketing department for the last four decades, you know, even they can’t hide it anymore. And real people who perhaps, you know, were just too busy trying to put food on the table, trying to, you know, live their life, weren’t really paying attention, assumed that there would be even a little bit of truth left in the mainstream media. Of course, there’s none. We know that because, you know, we’ve been paying attention. But those who haven’t had the time to pay attention, they’re starting to pay attention. And I think they get it now. [00:27:47][80.8]

Van Horn: [00:27:48] Donald trump Jr. is joining us on the Todd Starnes show. And Mr. trump, tomorrow you will be in town for the American Freedom Tour in Memphis. And of course, we welcome everybody to come in to this. It’s going to be a massive event. Your father’s going to be there, Candace Owens, Mike Pompeo and more. Why is it important to get together and share values in a large setting such as this? What is it for you that you think it is so important that we all get together? [00:28:15][27.2]

Trump Junior: [00:28:17] Well, listen, I think for so long, conservatives have been put in a corner. You’re not allowed to have an opinion. If you do, you’ll be canceled. They canceled the most powerful man in the world. They cancel the president of the United States. I think if we get together and we, you know, talk about those core values and that understanding, and we all stand out together and we’re unafraid and we speak up, they can’t cancel 160, 170 million Americans. They can’t do it. And by the way, with everything that’s going on, we’re winning the independents so it’s probably a lot more. You know, if we band together and push back on this nonsense, we can actually win these battles. If it’s one guy going out there each and every time, they’ll pick them off one at a time. We have to get together. We have to have this conversation, this dialog. And I think we have to be aware of just how many of us there actually are. The numbers are huge. I’m blessed to be able to travel all over the country doing things like the American Freedom Tour and campaigning for individuals, like, I see it. So many of these people who’ve been, you know, again, put in their place, you know, if you are a concerned parent, what we’re worrying about the indoctrination of your children and the teaching of critical race theory amongst other garbage in our public schools, you were literally branded a domestic terrorist by our own FBI and DOJ. Well, people have seen this and they’ve had enough. We have to get together. We have to speak up. We have to push back on the nonsense. And we have to do that collectively. If we can do that, we win. But that’s why it’s so important to get everyone together so they can do that, so they get comfortable with that. So they’re not just comfortable being, you know, put in the corner, but they’re actually comfortable talking about our shared values, our freedom, the Constitution, all of the things that we believe in as Americans. [00:29:54][97.1]

Van Horn: [00:29:55] It’s incredible that in our country right now, you are getting chased down, you are getting flagged if you ask questions of your school board. But go ahead. You can go ahead and and try to plot to kill a Supreme Court justice or you can plot violence based upon a Supreme Court decision and intimidate those justices. It is tough. [00:30:16][21.1]

Trump junior: [00:30:17] Or you can burn down the Pacific Northwest to, you know, avenge a career criminal. You know, you can do those, too. That doesn’t, you know, taking over a court building in Portland doesn’t make you an insurrectionist, you’re a social justice warrior. But, you know, the level of inequity right now of what’s going on based on who actually would get in trouble for breaking the law is truly sick. You know, there is no due process if you’re a conservative. Just look at the difference between, again, the murderers from the George Floyd riot and like peaceful protesters on January 6. It ain’t the same, folks. It ain’t the same. So, you know, another reason. Who do you think is going to get the benefit of the doubt? the reporter of the red lag laws, even if they’re doing it maliciously or, you know, an innocent and law abiding citizen exercising his Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. [00:31:09][52.1]

Van Horn: [00:31:10] Folks, tomorrow, the American Freedom Tour, you can go to americanfreedomtour.com And you can get tickets and reserve your spot for a seat to see Donald Trump Jr. Of course, his dad, Donald Trump and so many more will be there. Mr. Trump, I know you have a very busy schedule. Thank you so much for carving out some time for our audience today. We appreciate you. And we cannot wait to see you tomorrow, by the way. Is it wet ribs or dry ribs? I never got an answer on that. [00:31:35][24.8]

Trump junior: [00:31:36] Yeah. Yeah. Listen, the barbecue question always messes people up, right? This is one that is a no win. I’m definitely a wet rib guy, but I know how controversial that can be in some places. I’ve had this question in North Carolina, Do you like the sweet or the sour? And it’s like, oh, boy, I have vinegar or, you know, it. It’s a little bit of a nightmare. But yeah, I’m a wet rib guy. I’ll say it. [00:31:56][20.3]

Van Horn: [00:31:56] I’m a wet rib guy as long as I’ve got cover of some of those handy wipes. If I’ve got those, I’m good to go to. Mr. Trump, thank you so much. God bless. And we’ll see you tomorrow. [00:32:04][7.8]

Trump junior: [00:32:06] Thanks a lot, guys. Have a good one. [00:32:07][1.0]

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