Dozens of Florida Doctors Walk Out Instead of Treating Unvaccinated Patients

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More than 75 doctors at a South Florida hospital walked out Monday on sick patients to protest unvaccinated Americans, according to a PR stunt broadcast on MSNBC.

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough explained the doctors walked out in frustration against COVID patients who have not been vaccinated.

“What Americans don’t understand is for every unvaccinated person that is filling up an ICU bed, that means, with the hospitals jammed, somebody with a heart attack, and I’ve known somebody in this position, goes there, has trouble getting in, can’t get treatment, can’t get a bed, it is a nightmare for the doctors, it is a nightmare for the nurses,” Scarborough told viewers.


“And to the doctor’s point-of-view, it’s worse yet for sick people that want help from them,” he added.