Dr. Oz Removes Trump References From Campaign Website

Dr. Mehmet Oz appears to be distancing himself from former President Trump as he begins his general election bid for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania.


Is Dr. Oz a RINO?

After riding Trump’s endorsement to the Republican nomination, Oz has rebranded his campaign website, removing images and mentions of the former president.

Many conservatives are calling attention to the shift in campaign strategy after Trump’s endorsement of Oz received intense backlash at the time.

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National radio host Todd Starnes posted his thoughts on the topic on Twitter.

“The question now facing voters — who is the more liberal U.S. Senate candidate in Pennsylvania?” Starnes asked. “The Democrat or the Republican?”

After the initial endorsement, Oz seemed to make every effort to connect his campaign to Trump.

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According to Axios, a series of ads released by the TV personality began with “endorsed by President Trump.” Additionally, between April 9 and May 17, Oz mentioned the former president on Twitter over 70 times.

In contrast, after Oz secured the nomination, his ads no longer touted Trump’s endorsement, the banner on his website ceased to feature the former president and Oz has seldom mentioned Trump on social media.

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