Dr. Robert Jeffress: Here’s What Christians Ought to do About Russia

With the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, Dr. Robert Jeffress told the Todd Starnes Show that Christians should not worry.

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The pastor of First Baptist Dallas said Christians need to remember three things.

Are you worried about Putin?

“First of all, remember that Vladimir Putin’s evil is no match for God’s sovereignty,” Jeffress told host Todd Starnes. “In the end, Putin is nothing more than a piece of flint on the pages of human history.”

Pointing to chapter two of the Book of Daniel, Jeffress said God is the one who raises kings and he removes kings, and Jeffress said that includes Putin.

“He’ll get rid of him when he’s ready to get rid of him,” the pastor added. “Secondly, realize that although the end may be near, that doesn’t mean the end is necessarily here.”

Jeffress also urged Christians to be in prayer.

“Pray for Ukrainians and pray for our leaders, even the ones we don’t like and didn’t elect,” said Jeffress. “We need to pray the Bible says for wisdom and we need to pray against Vladimir Putin and his evil forces.”

People may wonder whether it is Christian to pray against people, but Jeffress said David prayed for the destruction of God’s enemies.

“Pray for the destruction of the ones who are leading Russia,” said Jeffress. “A lot of people in Russia are innocent (and) they don’t know what’s going on (because) they’re being told a lie by Putin and he needs to be gotten rid of.”