NYC Mayor: ‘I Gotta Get New Yorkers to Eat a Plant-Based Centered Life’

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) got in a “food” fight with reporters Monday.

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The Democrat mayor was asked about why he eats fish if he’s vegan, and the former New York City Police Department captain responded by criticizing the “food police” getting in the way of his mission to “get New Yorkers to eat a plant-based centered life.”

National radio host Todd Starnes slammed Adams for going after meat-eaters.

“If the mayor of New York City tries to stop New Yorkers from eating their pastrami on rye, he may very well become the first mayor in modern history to be impeached,” Starnes said.

Adams emphasized that he is not a “vegan” because he doesn’t eat Oreos or drink Coke.

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“I eat a plant-based centered life,” the mayor repeatedly said. “And I’m not going down this rabbit hole…the more plant-based you eat, the better and healthier you are…I gotta get New Yorkers to eat a plant-based centered life.”

New York City public school students are being served vegan-only meals on Fridays, at the direction of Adams. Many kids have complained that the vegan option is not filling enough.

His comments come amid rising crime in the Big Apple and just days after he apologized after a video resurfaced where he was recorded saying he was a superior cop compared to his “cracker” colleagues referring to his time in the NYPD.

Over the weekend, he was photographed maskless indoors despite his mandate.

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