Ex-Clinton Adviser: Indicting Trump Like a Fine for Overdue Library Book

The former adviser to President Bill Clinton said an indictment of Trump for the docs at Mar-a-Lago would be like having “an overdue library book.”

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Dick Morris, political activist, author and adviser to former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, told Newsmax on Monday that an indictment of Trump for the documents found in an FBI search of his Florida home would be like having ”an overdue library book” more than a national security issue.

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”The strategy here by [President Joe Biden’s] people is to get off the presidential record and attack Trump personally, and the key element was raiding Mar-a-Lago. That is just creating an issue for Trump that’s terribly effective for him,” Morris said on ”Spicer & Co.” 

”The next step will be, I think, that they’re going to indict Trump on a records violation about the [National] Archives. That’s a little bit like indicting someone for having an overdue library book because the archivist is in, the last analysis, a librarian.

”Basically, their nose is out of joint that all the books haven’t come in yet. The only thing that would make it serious is if there’s a credible accusation that Trump leaked our secrets to the Russians or the Chinese, and he didn’t before years as president, and he hasn’t for two years as a former president.”

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Morris, whose new book, ”The Return,” highlights how the Democrats and deep state are targeting the former president, said that the idea here is to keep Americans distracted from Biden’s policies that led to inflation and energy supply problems, and on to discussing the prosecution of Trump.

”Just remember in 1998-99. All anyone in [Washington, D.C.] could talk about was Monica Lewinsky,” Morris said. ”If they indict Trump after the election, all anyone will talk about is Trump’s indictment, and if he would be convicted, and could he still run, will be the nominee.

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”That’s the recipe for having people not talk about Joe Biden, and not talk about inflation, talk about gas prices, because everybody will be focused only on one question: Trump’s indictment. That’s what they’re trying to do.”

He said that another angle is try to cause a civil war within the Republican Party by using a Trump prosecution to pull Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis into a GOP 2024 primary with Trump, which could fracture the party. Continue reading at Newsmax.

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