EX-WH DOC: I’m Calling on Biden to Take Cognitive Test

Former doctor to Presidents Trump and Obama, Texas Congressman Dr. Ronny Jackson, said Thursday he is sending a letter to the White House, calling on President Biden to take a cognitive test and release it to the public.

Trump’s former physician told the Todd Starnes Show Biden looked “very confused, very frail, very weak, and it just does not inspire confidence” during his first foreign trip.

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“He’s always made gaffes here or there, but this is something different. This is repeated times where he can’t remember exactly what’s going on, where he’s at, what he’s doing, he looks confused…he just kind of stares off into space,” Jackson said. “It’s time to get his physical exam done and that should include cognitive testing.”

He recalled when the mainstream media demanded Trump get the same testing done as president, which Jackson carried out and said “Trump did extremely well.”

National radio host and best-selling author Todd Starnes pointed out that Biden exploded in anger and rage when a CNN reporter asked him a question Wednesday.

“I’m not diagnosing him with Alzheimer’s or anything, but I’m saying he has some definite cognitive decline that I think is age-related and it’s getting worse as time goes on,” Jackson said. “It’s all very concerning.”

The Republican representative is calling for the testing to be made public, noting that Biden has had aneurisms and “there’s a part of your brain that never recovers.”

“Do you believe that there are others, perhaps being led by a committee, that are ultimately making these decisions and Biden is just the guy out in front of the cameras?” Starnes asked.

“Absolutely. I believe he’s just the guy in front of the cameras. That’s just my personal opinion,” Jackson said. “It’s just disturbing that he can’t answer questions from the press. They will not put him in front of the press unless they hand select who the questions are coming from. They’re giving the questions ahead of time. You can tell because he’s got notes. He calls on reporters in order. He references his notes after the question, indicating they…prepared him with talking points.”

“This isn’t the way it’s supposed to work. President Trump didn’t do that. President Trump walked up into an entirely hostile press and took questions from anybody and everybody. He would stand up there and takes questions for hours…and that’s what we should expect from our president and we’re not getting that. We’re getting a very sheltered individual who’s being directed by his staff and he mentions frequently, if he deviates from them telling him what to do, he’s going to get in trouble.

Starnes asked, “Do you believe he’s going to be able to finish out his term?”

“I do not. I don’t think so. I’ve said that from the beginning,” Jackson answered. “Four years is a long time if you’re already having this kind of difficulty early in your tenure…I do not have the level of confidence that tells me he’s going to make it four years. I just think it’s going to progressively get worse and worse.”

He pointed to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s panel on the 25th Amendment to exercise it, not for Trump, but for Biden.


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