EXCLUSIVE: Trump SLAMS Media, 1/6 Commission ‘Losers’

After the first televised Jan. 6 committee hearing, former President Trump blasted the political charade and condemned the Biden Administration’s performance on energy, inflation and foreign policy on the Todd Starnes Show.

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Below is a rushed transcript of Trump’s interview on the Todd Starnes Show:

TODD STARNES: Well on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line it’s always a fun day when President Trump pays us a visit. And Mr. President, I’m really excited to welcome you to my hometown, Memphis, Tennessee.

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PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Well, thank you very much, Todd. We look forward to being there, getting ready to leave practically. And I’ll tell you, we love the people of Tennessee. And Memphis has been very special to us. They’ve been tremendous. We won it twice, as you know, Tennessee. And the numbers are higher than ever before. So, I look forward to it very much.

STARNES: You know, I don’t think anyone’s ever asked you the question I’m about to ask you, Mr. President. You know, here in Memphis, it’s all about the barbecue. It’s really not so much about politics. It’s about barbecue. And are you a fan of the Memphis Dry Rub barbecue?

TRUMP: Well, from what I hear, the answer is yes, because it sounds like it’s right up my line. But we look forward to it. We’re going to do a lot of good things actually while we’re there. We’re going to have a lot of fun it’s actually a pretty tight schedule and it’s going to be, I think, a very special, special people.

STARNES: You know, they’re good people. I know the Trump family has been so good to places like St. Jude Children’s Hospital, the great charity work you guys have done. And of course, we have great golf courses out here, too. Mr. President, I know you’re on a tight schedule, but maybe you’ll at least fly over them on the way into Memphis.

TRUMP: Well, you’re right. And maybe I’d even try and play if I could, but we’ll see what happens. But you’re right, we’ve been involved with charities there, very much so. My son, especially, Eric Trump, as you know, he’s been there a lot working with the different groups. It’s been great.

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STARNES: You know, Mr. President, there are a lot of Ultra-MAGA people here in the Mid-South. And I know it’s going to be a packed house Saturday right across the state line in Mississippi. What can people expect out of this big event that you guys are a part of?

TRUMP: Well, we are going to have a tremendous group of people, and we’re going to be talking about our country. And unfortunately, it’s hard to say anything too good right now, because I don’t think we’ve ever been in a position like this. And on top of it, the markets are crashing, but you know, he had the Trump bounce. He was able to take advantage of that for a little bit more than a year, and now he’s on his own. And you see what’s going on today, I guess we had another record cut, and we just broke on the downside. We just broke 30,000 on the Dow. And that’s something that would be hard to imagine could have happened. So, you know, we’re looking at a lot of problems. And when you see the way we withdrew from Afghanistan, I had us, so we were going to get out with dignity and strength after so many years. I mean, we were there so long, you know, I call them The Endless Wars, but he ends up with dying soldiers, dead soldiers, $85 billion worth of equipment. We left a lot of Americans behind. As you know, they’re still behind. Who knows what happened to them? But you keep the military, and you don’t bring the military out first, Todd. You bring the military out last. We didn’t lose one soldier, think of it, in 18 months, not one soldier. You know, we had many soldiers killed. And I can’t even tell you about how many so badly wounded, so horrifically wounded that nobody ever mentions. Nobody ever talks about it. But giving $85 billion with a B billion dollars to the Taliban, the best equipment in the world. And they are one of the largest arms merchants right now in the world. They’re selling a lot of it because they don’t need 700,000 rifles and guns. They don’t need 70,000 vehicles. You know, they had 70,000 trucks and vehicles, 70,000. There’s no used car lot in the world that has anything close to that. Many of these were armor plated, very expensive, very expensive to build. And we just left. It’s just crazy.

STARNES: Every single thing – it’s mind boggling, because you would think, well, maybe he wouldn’t get this right, but every single thing you predicted about Joe Biden has come true. And I mean, you look right now just with the economy, people can’t afford to buy gas. They can’t afford to buy groceries. Mr. President, you warned people this was going to happen.

TRUMP: Well, they said Trump was right about everything. I don’t want to brag, but that’s now one of the number one selling items out there, hats that say “Trump was right about everything.” And, you know, I debated him, and I said, this man is, I mean, I said a lot of things, but I said, this man is doing a lot of bad things, and we talked about energy. Remember at the end, he admitted that he was not going to be into fossil fuels at all. I said, you’re going to destroy the world if you do that, you’re going to destroy our economy. And we were energy independent. We were on our way to energy dominance. We were going to be bigger than Saudi Arabia and Russia combined and substantially bigger. We were going to be the dominant force in the world, and he killed that. Now he’s going to Venezuela for oil, if you think of it. He’s going to be getting oil from Iran. He’s going to be indirectly getting it from Russia, even though he doesn’t know that, and we have liquid gold under our feet. We have more than anybody else. It’s really sad what’s happening, and the inflation is rampant. What he’s done to our military is a disaster. And, you know, giving 40 billion, so they gave 40 billion to Ukraine, something that never would have happened if we were in. We had a horrible, horrible election. We did much better in the election than we did the first time. We had a horrible, horrible election. It’s just a horrible situation, the way that went down. You understand it. Most people understand it according to the polls. And because of that, you have Ukraine and you have Russia fighting. That would have never happened. They’re fighting and it’s disgusting and disgraceful what’s happened. But that would have never happened. Putin never, ever would have gone in. And the fact is, for four years, he didn’t go in, and he never even attempted to go in or thought about it, as far as I’m concerned, because he knew he couldn’t do it.

STARNES: You know, another story that didn’t really get covered and no surprise here, but you had historic increases, gains in the numbers of Hispanics and African-Americans who voted Republican, voted for you, supported your policies. And, of course, the huge news coming out of Texas. Myra Flores, first Republican elected from that part of Texas in over 150 years. What does that say about the Trump influence on the Republican Party?

TRUMP: And Myra gave us a lot of credit for that. And a poll just came out where I am the most popular person in the United States with the Hispanic population. Now, that’s a Republican, that never happened before. And if you look at Texas along the border, I won almost every one of those areas along the border of Texas and Mexico. And that never happened before, not since they call it reconstruction, which means Civil War time. And, you know, we’ve done fantastically well with Hispanics. If you look at Miami, look at Cuba, look at Venezuelans. It’s been incredible, actually. And it’s been a game changer for the Republican Party, but that was a great win with Myra last night, but I’ve been doing that along the entire border. And she was very generous and she gave us a lot of thanks, and that was a very big election yesterday. Absolutely.

STARNES: And of course, Memphis is a majority minority city, Mr. President. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had African-Americans calling in, conservatives, saying that for the first time in their lives, they voted for you for President of the United States, and they voted again, because you delivered on the promises. And I think that’s what really made all the difference, Mr. President.

TRUMP: Well, criminal justice reform and, you know, I took care of the – you have colleges, black colleges and universities that were in serious trouble. I took care of them. I got them the money so they could live. Every year, they come to Washington looking for money. And I said, they’ve got to work out a long time system, because, you know, if I’m not here, maybe they won’t get it, and they’ll all end up closing, and I got it for them. I took care of it and so many other things. I mean, we’ve done a great job for the African-American population, for the Hispanic population. We’ve done a great job for everybody. We had an economy the likes of which nobody’s ever seen before. Then we got hit with the COVID coming in from China, the gift from China. And we got hit hard, and we did an incredible job. We got very little recognition for the job we did with the ventilators and all of the other things. And by the way, we came up with the vaccine instead of five years or 12 years that nobody knew probably wouldn’t have come up, did it in nine months. And also very important, Regeneron and all of the different therapeutics, which really saved a lot of lives. We saved millions and millions of lives, and we then rebuilt the economy and we handed them over a great economy. And, you know, you had about a year bounce, more than a year bounce, a year, year and a half. And then, now you see it’s all starting to fall apart. And to think that now 30,000 on the Dow, we just broke it today for the first time. Just hard to believe that could have happened.

STARNES: It’s appalling.

TRUMP: It’s hard to believe.

STARNES: One final question, Mr. President. I know that a lot of people have been following the developments out of these ridiculous hearings. Quite frankly, their ratings are lower than CNN, so I don’t think anybody’s really watching. But at the same time, they’re just flat out lying about you, sir – lying about you on national television. And that’s not right. And I know you’ve responded on Truth Social. What would you like to see happen here, sir?

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TRUMP: Well, Truth Social has been great, because it gets the word out, and we’re able to get the right word out. And it’s very unfair. And, you know, I’ve said a certain number of things. I said, give us equal time, because they’re only putting on a bunch of losers that frankly didn’t do well. And we have so many people that will tell you about the rigged and stolen election, and they have them, too. But you know, they’d interview people and if the people didn’t say everything they wanted them to say, they don’t put them on. They just put on guys like Barr, that was so afraid to be impeached. Bill Barr was so afraid to be impeached that he would have done anything. And he did, because he refused to look at the election, refused to go after it. What he did, if you look at Pennsylvania, the U.S. attorney in Philadelphia, he wrote a letter saying that Barr wouldn’t let him go to look, and that was one of the most corrupt elections, Detroit, Philadelphia. So, you know, it’s just one of those things, we’d like to have our voice heard. We have a totally partizan commission. I call them unselect because they are unselect. Cheney is down 30-35 points now in Wyoming and she’s going to lose and, you know, some of the others. But we don’t have any Republican recognition. We don’t have anybody speaking for us, and nothing like this has ever happened in this country. It’s the Russia, Russia, Russia all over again. The same kind of a thing, the impeachment hoax, number one, impeachment hoax, number two, it’s just a catastrophe for our country. But fortunately, very few people are watching.

STARNES: It’s true. And then CNN is about to completely implode. Goodbye, little Jimmy Acosta.

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TRUMP: Yeah, they’re going to implode. And, you know, it’s interesting what’s happening with “the big lie.” They just announced yesterday, you probably saw where CNN is not allowed to use the term “the big lie” anymore. And the reason is, because they know they’re in for major litigation, because “the big lie” is the big lie in reverse. They’re the ones that tell the big lie about the election. And so they feel, probably, I would assume this is it, that they’re in for a lot of litigation on the term “the big lie,” because we have all the proof, we have the proof, we have the energy, we have what you have to have. And “the big lie” was the big lie in reverse. So CNN, I don’t know if you noticed that yesterday they announced nobody’s allowed to use that term anymore. “The big lie.”

STARNES: That was great news. Well, Mr. President, I just want to thank you. And, you know, after I left Fox, read your great book, Art of the Deal, bought the news talk radio station here in Memphis, Tennessee. And we’re proud supporters, and we’re the conservative blowtorch in this part of the Mid-South, and we’re just honored to have you on the station today.

TRUMP: Well, you have done great. And you have a great show and great people listening to your show, most importantly, and it’s an honor, and I hope you can be around on Saturday. I’d love to say hello to you if you are.

STARNES: It’s going to be a lot of fun, Mr. President. Safe travels, and welcome to the Mid-South!

TRUMP: Thank you, Todd. I’ll see you soon. Take care of yourself.

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