FASCISM!! Oregon Salon Owner Slapped with $14,000 Fine, Visit From Child Protective Services

The Oregon business owner who reopened a hair salon despite state coronavirus orders told the “Todd Starnes Radio Show” on Tuesday that the state’s Child Protective Services visited her home just three days after she reopened for business.


Lindsey Graham, the mother-of-three and owner of Glamour Salon, told the program that she and her husband own six successful businesses in the state. But since the lockdown, bills began piling up so she decided to open one of their shops to help make ends meet.

Business was good after she reopened and there were so many reservations that not everyone could be accommodated, but she said on the third day the store was opened, an official from the protective services department knocked on her front door and interviewed her nanny. The agency said that someone filed a child-endangerment claim against them, she said.

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“This is only three days after I reopened, so it’s an interesting coincidence, if you will,” she said. She said the nanny was peppered with questions and at one point decided to stop answering.

“The CPS worker came back and he questioned my husband and I in separate rooms and he proceeded to question my 6-year-old son in his bedroom, privately. And I asked three different times if I could be present and he refused. So I do not know what he said to my child; I do not know what he asked my child and the whole experience was devastating for myself at least.”

Todd Starnes, the host of the radio show, wondered out loud if her reopening could have had something to do with the visit and was an example of the government sending her a message.

Graham said that both she and her attorney believe that the timing was too coincidental to be perceived as anything else. She said it seemed like a “bullying tactic” by the government.

Graham said the state was put under a “shelter-in-place lockdown” in March, which essentially closed six of the businesses that she owns with her husband. She said the state considered all of her businesses “non-essential.” She said that, like most businesses, theirs needed to be physically open to provide any revenue, which her family depends on to survive.

At week four, she said her family began to go into debt “just trying to keep the businesses alive and afloat.” She said the money burn was extensive and if they continued on that rate, they would eventually have to declare bankruptcy. She said these businesses were doing well before the pandemic.

Graham said Friday she was also issued a $14,000 citation by the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

FOX 12 reported that it reached out to the Oregon Department of Human Services, and was told that officials can’t confirm an open case.

Jake Sunderland, the press secretary in the communications office, issued a statement:

“Due to confidentiality laws, we cannot comment on whether or not there is an open CPS assessment against any individual. I want to stress however, that not following Governor Brown’s Stay Home, Save Lives executive order or not following physical distancing guidelines would never be a reason to assign a CPS assessment.”

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