Father of Dem Candidate Says His Son Lied About Serving In Military 

The Democrat candidate "was never a submarine officer, not even for a day," his father said in a letter.

The father of a Democrat candidate for state representative in Washington claims his son lied about his military service and even has “disdain” for service members.

Clyde Shavers is running to represent Washington’s 10th Legislative District and has been emphasizing his family’s military ties to bolster his campaign. Shavers boasts of being a former nuclear submarine officer and refers to himself as a “son of a Marine” on the campaign trail.

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Are you surprised a Democrat candidate lied about his past?

However, in a recently published letter, Clyde’s father Brett Shavers said his son never worked as a nuclear submarine officer and does not even support armed service members.

“Clyde was never a submarine officer, not even for a day,” Brett Shavers wrote in the letter.

Brett Shavers, who served as a marine himself, sent the letter to his son’s Republican opponent, claiming his son uses the military connection for “credibility.”

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“Clyde has only disdain for the military. I have seen Clyde’s use of veteran status used heavily as a seal of endorsement of honor and integrity, even as he or his campaign continually use the phrase ‘son of a Marine’ for his credibility,” the candidate’s father wrote.

Brett Shavers added that he cannot “overemphasize” his son’s negative view of the military.

“There are no words that I have that could come close to overemphasize Clyde’s negative view of the military, his disdain of enlisted service members, and his revulsion to wear the uniform,” Brett Shavers said.

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After the candidate’s father sent the letter to Clyde’s Republican opponent Greg Gilday, it was published in local newspapers.

Clyde Shavers has denied his fathers allegations calling the letter “painful and “all about politics.”

“His political letter is inaccurate and, personally, very painful to me as his son,” Shavers said according to Fox News. “To be clear, this letter is all about politics.”

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