Female Pro-Life Journalist Accosted By Angry Male College Student

A news reporter covering the topic of abortion was accosted and verbally attacked last week by a thug walking across a Washington, D.C. college campus, according to video evidence posted to Twitter by The Daily Caller.

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As Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) reporter Mary Margaret Olohan asked a group of women about which stages of pregnancy abortion is acceptable, an unidentified man snatched Olohan’s belongings and shouted, “This is bullshit!” – the video shows.

Posted on January 31, the video then displays the man – described by The Daily Caller as a “college student” – scurrying off into Gelman Library at The George Washington University campus in Foggy Bottom.

“Apparently ultrasounds of unborn babies are triggering and ‘bull shit,’” Olohan wrote in a tweet following the incident. The college student grabbed “pictures of first, second, and third trimester babies out of my hand and throw them on the ground,” she added.

Walking away with his head down, the perpetrator did not respond as witnesses of the encounter shouted, “That’s assault,” and “Hey, what was that for?”

“Get back here! Come here,” another witness said as the man entered the library.

Olohan describes herself as a “social issues reporter” at the DCNF, a non-profit counterpart of The Daily Caller news website. The recent incident wasn’t the first time Olohan was verbally assaulted while reporting on the topic of abortion.

After covering both the March For Life and the Women’s March this year, a DCNF video shows a compare-and-contrast of Olohan’s experience at each event.

“Go ahead and f**k yourself,” a Women’s March attendee told Olohan. “I’d like to see where you got your facts,” another added after Olohan noted that “500,000 females are killed in the womb every year.”

Other Women’s March attendees accused her of trying to control women and their bodies by simply asking questions during the pro-choice event, the video shows.