Football Legend Herschel Walker: “There is No Doubt There Is Serious Election Fraud”

University of Georgia football legend Herschel Walker says there is “no doubt there is serious election fraud” in the Peach State.

Walker posted a video on social media explaining why he is deeply disturbed by what he’s seen in the state of Georgia in the aftermath of the presidential election.

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“I was hurt because I love the state of Georgia. I love the United States of America,” Walker said after he watched the Georgia Senate hearings.

“The whole world is watching right now,” he said. “How can we certify something we know is not right?”

Last month Walker called out Republican lawmakers who are refusing to stand alongside the president as he fights voter fraud.

“If you have stood on the stage with the President, spoken at a rally, or benefitted from @realDonaldTrump …. WHERE ARE YOU NOW? #stopthesteal,” he tweeted.