Brace for $12 Per Gallon at the Gas Pump, Says Montana Rep. Rosendale

Drivers paying as much as $7 a gallon for gasoline should prepare for much worse, Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) told the Todd Starnes Show Monday.

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The Montana representative warns that the numbers are adding up to historic gas prices across the country.

“We are looking at the potential for crude oil to hit $200 a barrel,” said Rosendale. “So, $7 at $120 a barrel for the crude, do the math, these people could be looking at $12 a gallon for gasoline in California.”

Do you think gas prices will continue to rise?

Other states may not see prices that bad, but that doesn’t mean people won’t feel the pain.

“In a state of our size, with the small population we have, everything is shipped into the state and it is shipped out of the state and so those fuel and energy increases will absolutely hurt a lot of farmers and ranchers and people that are just consumers,” said Rosendale.

To make matters worse, Rosendale said Democrats want high energy prices.

“There’s been plenty of that conversation and they’ve all but admitted that themselves, that they have to wean us off of this dependency on fossil fuels because they’re so enlightened, the Democrats are, and they know what’s better for all of us,” said Rosendale sarcastically.

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One Democrat pushing alternatives to fossil-fuel-powered vehicles is Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. He recently bragged on the Biden administration’s push for electric vehicles (EVs).

“Clean transportation can bring significant cost-savings for the American people,” said Buttigieg, a cabinet member accused of staging a publicity stunt last year in which he rode a bicycle to a meeting. “Last month, we announced a $5 billion investment to build out a nationwide electric vehicle charging network so the people from rural to suburban to urban communities can all benefit from the gas-savings of driving an EV.”

Rosendale told Starnes that if someone wants to drive a battery-powered vehicle, that’s their right, but Rosendale does not “believe that you can take an entire economy and the desires of the consumers and just throw a switch and change that.”

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