George P. Bush: ‘Trump is the only thing standing between this country and socialism’

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The following is a rush partial transcript of Todd’s interview with George P. Bush on the Todd Starnes Radio Show. Listen above to the full interview.

TODD: [01:44:58] No, I’m with you. And one final question. I’m curious. Why did you support Donald Trump? What was it about Donald Trump that you said? Yeah, he’s the guy.

BUSH: [01:45:08] Well, back in 2016, after I got reelected, I basically led the Republican Party effort on behalf of the state party and, you know, the enthusiasm, the energy. And just to be clear, like a lot of Republicans, you know, I supported another candidate. I supported my dad. But when things, you know, didn’t work out for the campaign, I immediately and I was one of the first here in statewide politics to get on the Trump train.

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And, you know, I reminded and I always have this debate with members of my family that to reconcile supporting somebody like Hillary Clinton is unacceptable. And as I got to know the president more and his ideas and how it works for our state, it’s led to just incredible prosperity, particularly for an agency like ours where we deal with oil and gas and hard hat blue collar workers that depend on these industries that the left is trying to erase from the map.

And then in his reelection effort, I was happy to be involved in the campaign. And I remember making a bold proclamation that Trump is the only thing standing between this country and socialism. And I turned out to be right.

You know, we’ve seen a proposal of over 10 trillion in new spending piling up a mountain of debt that our children, our grandchildren will never be able to pay off. And it’s just it’s very alarming and it’s happening in short order. And so I for one, have a sense of urgency about this, and I remain committed to the America first policies.

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