Georgia Republican: There’s Going to be Hell to Pay if Economy was Shut Down over Inflated Coronavirus Numbers

A Georgia businesswoman who is running for Congress has a warning for federal officials who may be inflating the death toll of the China virus.

“There’s going to be hell to pay if we come to find out our entire economy, America’s strong, amazing business economy was shut down because the numbers were falsified,” Republican Marjorie Greene said on the Todd Starnes Radio Show. “That’s going to be terrible.”

The Centers for Disease Control advised doctors to list the cause of death as “coronavirus” even if the patient had not been tested for the virus.

Georgia Congressional Hopeful Blows Up Socialism – Literally! 

The White House Coronavirus Task Force acknowledged the practice – leading many to question the exact numbers who had actually died solely from the virus.

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Dr. Scott Jensen, who is also Minnesota state senator, said on The Todd Starnes Show that the state health department wants doctors to list COVID-19 as the official cause of death for patients who have not officially been tested for the disease. These patients may have died of, say, pneumonia and were in contact at some point with a person with coronavirus.

Greene, who made a splash in a recent television ad by blowing up “socialism,” said it is “terrifying” how quickly Americans were willing to sacrifice their civil liberties for the sake of the virus.

She also called on the country to fight back against China.

“We need to bring our jobs back to our country, our American jobs,” she said. “China stole them. We need to steal them back. We need to stop them from spying on us. We need to stop them from stealing our amazing American inventions. This is what makes America so so great.”

Greene, a mother of three and business owner, said that running for Congress is not the most enjoyable task, but she said she has no intention of sitting back and watching Democrats inch the country closer to becoming a “Venezuela hellhole.”

“We are fed up, sick and tired of Democrats trying to shove their socialist, ridiculous, anti-American policies down our throats,” she told Starnes.

She called on Americans to fight like she did in her campaign commercial.

“Literally blow up socialism. Blow up gun control,” she said. “Blow up open borders and the green new deal.”

And do it with passion she told Starnes.

“We’re one nation under God and we have to protect that,” she said. “That’s something to fight for.”

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