‘Go Back’: Texas Gov. Tells Foreigner Complaining About American Flags

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) didn’t mince words when a foreigner complained about the number of American flags in the United States. Click here to get Todd’s award-winning newsletter.

Mia Chloe, a woman from Australia, went viral for a TikTok video that has since been deleted, the New York Post reports.

Are you proud of the American flag?

“I’m just gonna say it; there are too many American flags,” Chloe said. “Like they’re on houses; they’re on cars; saw them on couch cushions. Like I don’t know who’s making these American flags, but they’d be making a bloody fortune, and like, you’re the only country I know that does this, like.”

“The only time I think I’ve ever seen an Australian flag is on the Harbour Bridge,” she explained. “Could not tell you what it looks like. Like, I know what it’s like, blue, and it’s got some stars on it, but I think I could draw the American flag from memory, like I think I can make a bloody sculpture out of it. That’s how many times I’ve seen it. It’s enough.”

“Let’s pull back on it, okay? Let’s stay humble,” Chloe added.



Along with several American flag emojis, Abbott wrote, “Go back to Australia.”

Chloe was heavily mocked for criticizing patriotism in the Land of the Free.

“Too much America in America. I don’t get it,” one user said.

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“Yes, we are proud to be an exceptional nation. As evidence, I present the fact that she, a hater, still spent time and money to visit. LOL,” another person said.

“If she only knew the significance of that flag,” one person wrote.

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