GOP Rep Censored by YouTube, Google for Saying U.S. Vaxx Better Than Russia’s

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Rep. Darrell Issa is slamming YouTube and its parent company, Google, and accusing them of unfairly censoring conservatives’ rights to freedom of speech after the site removed the video of an address he gave earlier this year and cited claims that it violated rules against anti-vaccine misinformation. 

“Google and YouTube have censored me!” the California Republican said Tuesday on Twitter in the first of a series of tweets, adding that “Big Tech will stop at nothing to silence conservatives.”

In subsequent tweets, the congressman said that “Google and YouTube didn’t even pretend to fact check what I said. They just want to shut down free speech.”

He explained in a third tweet that “in my now-censored speech, I pointed out that Russia’s vaccine program was inferior to Operation Warp Speed. And the Russians repeatedly exaggerated their vaccine’s effectiveness every time another country launched a better one. Is any free speech on vaccines allowed?”

Issa told Fox News that the video was of a speech he gave back in July and that the only reference he’d made to vaccines was to discuss the superiority of the COVID-19 vaccines used in America over Russia’s “Sputnik” vaccine. 

The Russian vaccine is not on the United States’ accepted list for travelers entering the country, as only vaccines authorized by U.S. agencies or listed for emergency use by the World Health Organization are allowed, reports The New York Times.

Issa said YouTube’s decision to censor his video shows how the company uses its algorithms against conservatives. 

“The fact that they’re sort of calling me a vaccine-denier when I’m talking about our product being better than a product from a country that didn’t have third-party review is a pretty amazing level of scrutiny, and I think it shows just how much they’re making decisions based on who says something, not what they say,” Issa told Fox News. Read the full story at Newsmax.

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