The Number One Killer of Babies is Abortion, Not Guns: Rep. Mike Johnson Schools Pelosi

Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) corrected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) on the No. 1 killer of children in America.


The overturning of Roe v. Wade is the most consequential Supreme Court decision of my lifetime, Johnson said on the Todd Starnes Show.

“Speaker Pelosi just lectured us,” Johnson said Friday. “She said guns are the No. 1 killer of children in America. That’s not true. Abortion violence is the No. 1 killer of children in America until today.”


Below is a rushed transcript from the Todd Starnes Show, heard daily nationwide from noon to 3 p.m. EST:

STARNES: [01:44:41] Well, I do want to go right now to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line great to have with us from the state of Louisiana, Congressman Mike Johnson. Congressman, what a great day for freedom and liberty. [01:44:53][11.2]

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JOHNSON: [01:44:54] It is a great day. Todd, great to hear your voice. It is almost surreal. It really is. I’m walking around Capitol Hill today, it is it is hard to almost fathom the importance of this day. You know, we’ve been working for this, most of us, many of our, you know, all of our lives. And now a half century after the egregious error of Roe, the court has finally decisively said what has always been obvious to us, Todd, and that the Constitution does not confer a right to abortion, period. It never did. [01:45:21][27.3]

STARNES: [01:45:22] I thought it was a brilliantly written opinion. And from what I’ve been able to read thus far, the news breaking right before our show, and I thought it was interesting, the words of Justice Thomas as he sort of looked forward to what this could mean for other big culture war issues in this country. [01:45:40][18.4]

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JOHNSON: [01:45:42] Well, that’s right. You know, we’ve been sort of working against these activist courts for years. There’s been an increase in that over the last few decades. I was in those courts for 20 years in federal court litigating these big, you know, cases, religious freedom, pro-life cases, before I got elected to Congress in 2016. And I would often go up against activist judges, activist courts, that’s a very real thing. And so there a result of all that and there’s been some really bad law made. They’ve made a mess of our jurisprudence in this country for the last, you know, several decades. And maybe some of that needs to be cleaned up. And what Justice Thomas is calling for is not radical. In fact, it’s the opposite of that. You know, we finally have a majority of originalists on the court. And all that means is that they want to fairly interpret and apply the Constitution as it’s written, as the framers of the Constitution intended. That’s the basis of our whole system of government, and we have to get back to that. And that’s what he stands for, and we applaud that. [01:46:40][57.8]

Who do you agree with?

STARNES: [01:46:40] And when you look at how important now the 2016 presidential election was and that we had a president who actually put those kinds of judges on the federal bench, and I think that is ultimately, Congressman, I think that’s going to be President Trump’s lasting legacy. [01:46:59][19.1]

JOHNSON: [01:47:01] There’s no question about it. I mean, the longest lasting legacy of any president is who that individual puts on the courts. And President Trump, of course, had an almost record number of appointments to all the lower federal courts, the district courts and the appellate court. But also, he had these three extraordinary choices and picks for the Supreme Court. And this is the big one. I mean, this is I think it’s the most consequential decision of my lifetime. Certainly, I was born one year, exactly one year before Roe v Wade was handed down in January of ’72. And this changes the landscape. It’s a seismic shift. And Donald Trump deserves a lot of the credit for it because at a not been as bold as he was and as consistent as he was in putting these originalist jurists on this court, we would not be celebrating this today and it can never be taken away from it. [01:47:48][47.1]

STARNES: [01:47:48] No, you’re right. And it’s sort of been an inside the Beltway joke. I mean, it’s a horrible joke. But Republican presidents have always sort of been hit or miss when it comes to their picks on the Supreme Court. I remember I was at Eisenhower said I made two mistakes and both of them are sitting on the Supreme Court. Right. So, I mean, so for President Trump to have three solid picks, that’s pretty remarkable. [01:48:11][22.7]

JOHNSON: [01:48:12] It is remarkable. And, you know, I spoke with him a lot about it during his term and about these individuals in particular. And, you know, he was aided by some really smart folks, the Federalist Society and others who were involved in helping to create, remember, he famously came out with that short list of jurists that he would pick from that list he committed to. And he did that. He fulfilled his campaign promises of 2016. And now, you know, you see the results of it. So he was aided by a lot of thoughtful work that a lot of people put in to make sure that the names on that list would actually be faithful to the Constitution. What a great day, you know, to see the results of it. Elections really, really do have consequences. [01:48:51][38.4]

STARNES: [01:48:53] Congressman, another big story and this just happened a little while ago, the House of Representatives signing, passing this legislation. I call it gun grab legislation. You had last night 15 Senate Republicans siding with the Democrats. First, I want to get your reaction to what those Senate Republicans did last night. [01:49:12][18.9]

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JOHNSON: [01:49:14] Well, you know, it’s really a shame. You know, they made a sort of an allergic kneejerk, emotional reaction to recent events. You know, the tragedies of school shootings can never be overstated. I’m a father. I have, you know, four children. This is of grave concern to me as it is everyone. But the solution is not to go grabbing guns from law abiding citizens. The solution is not to overstep and steamroll the Constitution. You know, I was on the floor, Todd 2 hours ago now after this opinion came out of the Supreme Court and I was debating the gun bill, and Nancy Pelosi spoke right before me, the speaker, and she reprimanded us across the aisle. And she said the number one cause of death of American children is gun violence. And we need to protect the lives of children. And it was just the irony was so thick you couldn’t cut it with a knife. And I spoke immediately after Jim Jordan yielded me 2 minutes to go get her. I said, Madam Speaker, you are wrong. The number one cause of death for American children is abortion violence, ma’am. It was at least until about an hour and a half ago, and now we’re going to get a chance to fix that. You know, their priorities are so misplaced, Todd. She contends there’s a right to abortion in the Constitution, but the right to keep and bear arms doesn’t exist. And so that, you know, that is their worldview that drives their approach to all this. This bill today is the wrong measure at the wrong time. And I think it’s just going to put further red tape in the place of law abiding citizens. And it won’t go, it won’t do anything to solve the root causes of all the violence. [01:50:45][91.6]

STARNES: [01:50:46] And again, the greater concern is you could have somebody who disagrees with their local school board. They could be reported to the authorities and the authorities can show up and and take away their guns, as has already happened in the Commonwealth of Virginia. [01:51:02][16.1]

JOHNSON: [01:51:03] That’s right. So much for due process, right? And the advocates for this legislation say, oh, don’t worry about it, you’ll be able to cover that in a future hearing. In a later hearing, you can go in and argue to get your guns back. Well, look, that denial of due process is a very real thing here. You know, due process is not due process at all if you get it after the fact. And this will be used for political purposes, for vendettas, you know, you’re going to infringe upon a Second Amendment right. It’s just very clear. And by the way, there’s nothing in this bill at all that fixes, you know, the background checks, flaws, and all the errors that are there will exacerbate that. There’s nothing in this bill about hardening the schools. Put it in real physical, you know, corrections and protection measures to protect children. This was a hastily drawn piece of legislation. They got it out there because they “wanted to do something.” Well, we need to do the right thing, not just do something. And it’s unfortunate that it passed through today. And we’ll have to see what happens. [01:52:00][57.4]

STARNES: [01:52:01] All right, Congresswoman, we’re going to leave it there. We’ve got to wrap things up here. We appreciate you coming on the show and thank you and congratulations. [01:52:08][6.7]

JOHNSON: [01:52:10] Thank you, my friend. Good to talk with you. [01:52:11][1.3]

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