SEE IT: Protesters Await Kamala Harris at Border with ‘Trump Won’ Signs

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Protesters awaited Vice President Kamala Harris outside a Border Patrol facility in El Paso, Texas Friday.

President Biden tasked Harris with spearheading his administration’s response to the illegal immigration border crisis.

The demonstrators held signs that read “Kamala, you know Trump won,” “F–k Biden,” “How many little girls need to be raped for this to be a crisis,” and “Que Mala Hates Mexicans.” “Que Mala” translates to “how mean” in Spanish.

One protester told Harris: “You came a little too late. We have had this crisis for years. We need solutions. We don’t need you parading in the Border Patrol station, or acting like you care. Americans matter. America matters. God bless you America.”