Harris Compares Texas Dems Who Fled State to Fredrick Douglass, Suffrage

By Eric Mack | Newsmax

Vice President Kamala Harris hailed the “courageous stand” of Texas Democrats fleeing the state Capitol to avoid a special session to pass election reform measures that put laws on the books to avoid the arbitrary election processes that were put into action under the guise of COVID in 2020.

Harris equated the Texas Democrats fleeing Texas to break the quorum and avoid losing the vote to the legacy of Frederick Douglass and the women’s suffrage movement.

“When I think about what you all have done, I am just going to set this moment in the context of history,” Harris told the AWOL Texas Democrats in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday.

“In 1867, Frederick Douglass appealed to the Congress, for the right for Black men to vote; 1913 women marched down Pennsylvania Avenue for the right to vote; 1965, Democrats and Republicans stood for the absolute American principle of all people having the right to vote and pass the Voting Rights Act.

“And 2021, the Texas Legislature came to Washington, D.C.”

Harris went on to claim the Texas election reform measures hurt working-class Americans who do not have time to vote on Election Day, or single parents who need drive-thru voting or ballot drop boxes to be able to vote.

“You are fighters,” Harris told the Texas Democrats.

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