HEARTLESS! Leftist Media Attacks Bush’s Service Dog

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Each week on Starnes Country we are going to recognize someone who is doing something to make America great again – someone going the extra mile. We want to honor that individual as our “Most Valuable Patriot.”

Our first MVP is somewhat of a celebrity with an Instagram following of more than 140,000. Our MVP was also a devoted friend to President George H.W. Bush.

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Sully H.W. Bush was the late president’s beloved service dog. He was named after the pilot who safely landed a jetliner on the Hudson River in 2009.

Slate Magazine writer Ruth Graham wrote a terribly offensive screed titled, “Don’t Spend Your Emotional Energy on Sully H.W. Bush.”

“It’s a bit demented to project soul-wrenching grief onto a dog’s decision to lay down in front of a casket,” she snarled. “This is simply a photograph of a dog doing something dogs love to do: Lie down.”

Sully was matched with President Bush in June and became his closest companion — never leaving his side.

The same was true in death as it was in life and a photograph captured that truth during a poignant moment in Houston.

There was Sully, lying at the foot of a flag-draped casket. The dog’s face seemed to show silent sorrow.

The Washington Post wrote eloquently of the scene, reminding us of the words of the poet Emily Dickenson: “Dogs know, but they do not tell.”

Sully H.W. Bush, a president’s best friend, is Starnes Country’s Most Valuable Patriot. 

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