Here are the Republicans Who Voted With Dems For Stop-Gap Spending Bill

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Senate Republicans – led by Mitch McConnell – signed off on a stop-gap spending measure. Republicans abandoned a provision that would have ended pandemic mandates. And I have no doubt they will eventually join with Democrats to spend even more of our tax money. 

If the government can shut down our businesses, We the People should be able to shut down the government.

In recent days the Republican Party has made some very concerning decisions.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel announced the launch of a major effort to embrace the LGBT movement.

And just the other day 80 Republicans joined with Democrats to create a national vaccine database. 

Because of their vote your private doctor would be required to turn over your personal medical information to the the government. 

The Republicans have demonstrated in recent days that they don’t care about social conservatives, the don’t care about medical privacy and they don’t care about fiscal responsibility. And they don’t seem to care about the petty tyranny coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

So what exactly is the difference between the Republican Party and the Democrats?