Hey CNN, Do You Condone Lewd “Locker Room Talk” on Live Television?

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The next time you hear a CNN anchor virtue signaling about President Trump, I want to remember Anderson Cooper’s lewd and vulgar behavior during the network’s New Year’s Eve show.

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, who spent most of the evening giggling like a school girl, dropped the “c-word” as he recounted a conversation with his mother about who has the biggest male sex organ in Hollywood.

Cooper dropped that bombshell during a profane segment with co-host Andy Cohen on the network’s New Year’s Eve special.

Does CNN condone “locker room talk” during a national television broadcast?

Watch the conversation:

In another segment, Cooper and Cohen giggled like school girls as they dished about whether Alice from The Brady Bunch was a lesbian.

The show featured another news anchor jumping into a rum bath, another anchor cavorting with a drag queen in a giant shoe. And there was also a photograph of a naked person tanning their nether regions. And Lord only knows what Don Lemon was doing.

It turns out CNN is the most pornographic name in news. And what’s up with the giggling? Grown men don’t giggle.