‘High Heels Affect Your Gait’ – Lara Trump Weighs in on DeSantis ‘Bootgate’

There’s been a lot of online chatter about whether or not Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is wearing lifts in his cowboy boots. It’s all campaign silliness, of course, but the governor’s taking the issue quite seriously. I asked Lara Trump to weigh in on “Bootgate” during a recent interview on my Newsmax television show. The issue is not whether DeSantis wears high heels. The issue is the man doesn’t have a sense of humor. He’s also short on personality — among other things. She also had some things to say about Israel and the 2024 presidential race. Watch below or follow along in the rush transcript.

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TODD: [00:07:21] All right, Laura, got to switch gears here, and I’ve got to ask you about this. What’s up with Ron DeSantis and the boots? What’s going on there?

LARA: [00:07:31] Well, it started with the white boots. So remember, he had the white boots on that was touring. I think it was the disaster zone. So we’ll give him that. He had those boots. And now he’s got these other boots. And look, I don’t know. I’d have to get a closer look at them, to be honest with you, Todd. Some say that it could be to give him a little height boost and to make himself look a little taller. Now, no shade or whatever you got to do, you got to do. But if you do that, you better own it. And so I think it’s kind of funny to see how he’s kind of pushing back. Oh, no, no, nothing to see here. They are very high. And if you watch him walk in these, he doesn’t look especially comfortable. And ladies out there understand what this is all about. Because once you wear a high heeled shoe for a certain amount of time, Todd, it does sort of start to mess with your gait just a bit. It is very challenging to wear all day long. So I’m going to imagine if he’s on the campaign trail sunup to sundown, like, you know, a lot of politicians are. Yeah, it can wear on you to wear those high heels. So I don’t know exactly what the story is, but I would I would suspect that if he’s walking kind of funny, it might point to the fact that there are actually a little little bit of a lift in those boots.

TODD: [00:08:40] Lara, nobody wants a commander in chief with floppy boots that that’s just the way it is. Nobody wants to see that.

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